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Do you think President Obama will be able to bring all U.S. troops home from Iraq by the end of the year?

45.45% Yes
54.54% No

Comment: Yes he Cain!

Comment: YES!! Great news. Our troops have given enough for a war that was started on lies!


Comment: Its about time. Its been gone on long enough. Bring our men and women home safe. We have lost enough over there. We help them enough, its time for them stand on their two feet.

Comment: I know for a fact that Bush had signed a doc to start bring all troops home by 2011. So I am trying to figure out why Obama is getting this credit


Comment: And the reason he is doing so it helps him when its election time. It's all self serving.

Comment: Yes I have faith in my president.

Comment: brang em home

Comment: If the republicans get out of his way and let him do his job. They let bush do what he wanted for eight years and he Assed up everything.

Comment: I believe the president does make very clear of the promises that he makes. He makes calculated decisions regarding certain things, leading to the capture and death of multiple middle eastern dictators during his term. Regardless of personal opinions about his success as President, something this extreme he's intelligent enough not to say it if it wasn't true.

Comment: i have faith in him

Comment: DONE DEAL

Comment: none right now

Comment: Too many of our young men have already lost their lives based on lies. The middle East is and always will be corrupt our involvment only makes things worse for us.I hope the former administration realizes all the blood on their hands as well as the deaths they caused

Comment: i think he will have to unfortunatly due to economy will save alot

Comment: Could : Yes Should : No

Comment: He is desperate for votes,aft er the people are finding out more about him.

Comment: Obama is a damn fool who will do anything, regardless of the military consequences or human suffering, to look good to those foolish enough to believe his lies.

Comment: It's a political move to get support. Many people fell for his campaign message. They will be there until the end of his term. The stay in Iraq will depend on who wins the 2012 election.

Comment: someone will always need help and thank God they are getting it from us!

Comment: No he won't. He wants votes plain and simple. His socialist regime needs to end and we need to get rid of him! While I would like the troops home and hope they come home soon he is using our men and women in uniform for his agenda.

Comment: He hasn't been successful in fulfilling anything he said he would do.

Comment: It is just a political ploy. He does not care who it hurts. He has no idea what he is doing over seas.

Comment: With all of the mayhem that seems to happen every second in Iraq,how can they? He may try ,but it won`t be without more lives lost on both sides.

Comment: There has to be some left behind to help control and to make sure it doesn't start up again, which it will fighting and killing has been there way of live since the beginning of time.

Comment: i think he is just saying all of this stuff to make us feel better and for him to look better because of elections coming up.

Comment: Yes, I believe he can and will

Comment: I do not feel we should tell anyone a specific date that the troops will be pulled out because I feel it could endanger the lives of our military and the citizen of the countries they are being pulled out of.

Comment: I believe that the President would like to keep his promise, but looking at the state of affairs today, the United States will never truly be able to pull out all of our troops...

Comment: They might come home by then for the holidays, but a lot will probably go right back out, somewhere else; perhaps Afghanistan.

Comment: To Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama, are we bringing the oil home with the troops? The oil that was promised to pay for the war itself. Our economy is being destroyed by the Iraq War and every other war that Bush and Obama have dragged us into. And now Africa? Are you kidding? We don't have the troops or the money to conduct these endless wars. We are facing astronomical debt by borrowing from China to pay for everything. It's a disgrace and must stop now. God bless the Wall St. occupiers. They are smart and know they understand their present and future is being stolen from them.

Comment: silly to believe that!!

Comment: he's made other promises before that he hasn't fulfilled. all we can do is hope he is true to his word.

Comment: He has been saying that for a long time. He is just trying to get bk in office by daying any thing, to get more votes...

Comment: I was station 16yrs. .5months. in Vietman. What president you know can do that You must be a citizen, and not a SOLDIER


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