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Do you think Issue 2 -- concerning Ohio's new law and collective bargaining -- will pass or fail today?

31.25% Pass
68.75% Fail

Comment: Just because union members go around tearing up the yes signs replacing them with no signs doesn't mean squat. GET OUT AND VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2 AND 3 ...We are the silent majority

Comment: I certainly hope it passes. Mr Kasich has painted us State Employees as greedy, manipulating jerks, and I resent it to the utmost. They have lied and schemed against us, and I think it is horrible. I voted for him for governor; but, I will not make that mistake again!

Comment: If people are honest about what the truth is and figure out that public employees don't want to work as much as private employees ! period! If they would, then there would not be a problem!

Comment: It will probably fail, but I really hope it passes. It blows my mind that parents do not want their childrens' teachers on a merit-based pay system. Keep the good ones, not just ones who have been there the longest! All public employees need to contribute to their own healthcare and retirement. Yes, I know some already do, but all is the key word and the 10 and 15% amounts are more than fair. I appreciate the work that our public employees do, I really do, but that doesn't mean I should have pay for their pensions and healthcare.


Comment: COME ONE OHIO let's make those with unfair advantages wake up and take their licks just like the rest of us! The ads were lies, ooo there won't be a cop two seconds after you call, boohoo

Comment: We all have to pay some way or another - this will be a little less burden on the Ohio tax payers who are already barely able to keep up with living in Ohio.

Comment: These people are simply being asked to live like the rest of us working in the private sector. It's not 1965 anymore and don't have pentions, or comp time accrued over several years, or protection from incompetense. I've known 3 people personally who could have taken more than 2 entire years off work, I won't argue contract details, but I personally have seen 1 of these individuals accrued time statement. He also could cash much of it in. He was a good man and thought it was a joke. They need to work till 68 - 72 like the rest of us, and hit the road if they do not perform. It's 2011, and the rubber bands about to break. Govt employees, teach ours kids, provide the services WE pay you for competently, or get out!!!

Comment: I hope it passes

Comment: People will be very sorry if this doesn't pass. They'll have to learn the hard way.

Comment: Issue 2 will fail as a referendum on the John Kasich administration and not on whether public workers have the right to bargain or not.

Comment: As a retired educator, I see issue 2 as a threat to all Ohioans. It sets up a system where political favors will rule and those of the wrong party will find themselves out of their jobs. All protections would be gone. Get rid of public employees before they can collect their pensions. Is that what we want. This is not about balancing budgets, it is about power and allowing local governing boards to dictate wages and conditions as they wish. Tea Party Dream!

Comment: Bad divisive law. Needs to be defeated

Comment: Best guess is there will be enough "no" votes to repeal SB5.

Comment: Ironic how the voices and paycheck of the middle class and hard working keep getting affected, when those in driving seats took a massive pay increase. So unfair. Leave the working class alone. They are the reason for the overall success of everything in Ohio.

Comment: The only good thing about SB 5 is that all the advertising for and against amounted to 30 million dollars spent in Ohio. Kasich has truly boosted the economy. Too bad all of this money has been wasted, and too bad all the money spent on a Governor's salary, benefits, security, etc, has been wasted. We need a governor with a bit better judgement who would have passed a law that had at least some chance of surviving the will of the people.

Comment: If they bust the public Unions you're next.(non-Union)

Comment: A Proud Supporter of President Obama!

Comment: I work in a public place and cannot afford to have anything else taken out of my check.

Comment: What a shame it is for the person who is supposed to be creating jobs and protecting our state from further economic failure to only have one item on his agenda as Governor which is to take down unions who tend to support Democrats running for office. This has been his one and only agenda and nothing positive has happened for Ohio under his Governance. He picked the wrong state to pick on!

Comment: It will fail because the unions scared everyone saying there will be few cops and firefighters/

Comment: Vote NO on Issue #2

Comment: These changes are too drastic, however I believe that revised laws governing public employees are needed.

Comment: I agree with former Gov. Ted Strickland, it is an attack on our service workers. When I was serving in Iraq, I was given extra pay for putting my life on the line. In my opinion Police and Firefighters deserve the same if not more benefits for the physical and mental demand of the job. I served the country and they serve us. This is America we should have the right to collective bargaining.

Comment: I think most people have been made aware of the blatant hypocrisy and greed of Kasich and the Republican Party. I, for one, want some reform - but not at the expense of dismantling the rights workers have fought for under the guise of what is "In my best interest."

Comment: People are tired of being force fed failures, issue 2 is another example of how the government tried to make us do as they say not as they do, they are not the ones suffering in this economy.

Comment: We as citizens need realize that Kasich has damaged Ohio and is just going to make it worse. Look at it like this.... if you want less crime then we need adequate police officers! You don't want your house to burn down we need adequate fireman! You want proper healthcare and not to be given the wrong medication because there is a nurse shortage...then let the teachers who give the education keep what they deserve and shoot down Issue 2!!!!!

Comment: state control of local issues? look at what the federal gov't did and the results. how many ohio jobs went to china. no electric motors are being made in the usa anymore. telling us we don't have the brains to control our own destiny

Comment: I think even uneducated people that dont care will go vote against it, and show our idiot govener that he is not KING

Comment: How dare the Governer think he would be doing something GREAT if it did pass. All thos police officers, teachers, nurses and fire fighters....until the Governer steps into their shoes...he has no idea the damage that would be done.

Comment: I think the unions spent so much money they will buy the vote

Comment: I hate politics, but this election has made even the worst time of the year unbearable. The blatant lies and slandar of state employees by the Republican governor and his cronies brought out the worst sort of anger in me. I'm sick of mudslinging campaigns. It's time to stop electing idiots.

Comment: I think John Kasich had a great political future, but now he's thrown it all away.

Comment: We really need our firefighters, and cops. Just think where we would be without them?

Comment: N/A

Comment: Thank you for airing the Governor's response to the defeat of SB5. I like to be able to hear the Governor's own words on the matter, instead of the correspondent's take on the subject. Win or lose, it was obvious how the correspondent feels about our Governor, but please let the viewers have just the facts.

Comment: the unions dumped millions on this so can keep their pocket lined. I just pray that all of the people can keep their jobs. we cannot sustain this budget at the current levels.schools are bleeding us and unions dry. when is it going to stop.

Comment: we have got to win!

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