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Are you going shopping on "Black Thursday" -- midnight on Friday?

18.86% Yes
81.13% No

Comment: YES I WILL!!!!

Comment: I will be attending the Black Ffriday sales.. With five children and numerous nephews and a niece to buy for it is worth the headache to fight thru the lines and save as much as possible.

Comment: It will be packed that day but cant wait untill then.

Comment: well it looks like iam going to haft to go because of retail doesnt want to hold it on fridays so iam going out to see what deals they will have out

Comment: Family Tradition!!!!

Comment: I go every year with my mom Carol! Wouldn't miss the time spent with her. Hate the rude people and crowds but having coffee with her is worth the crap!

Comment: love the deals 4 my grandsons...

Comment: ONLINE!

Comment: we going too

Comment: If I find a great deal ! IM there !

Comment: this is a tradition, I am a bargain shopper and this is my favorite shopping day

Comment: Need to know the savings

Comment: They need to change the name to Black Thursday! Thanksgiving is a time Families get together more then any other Holiday..This as turned into greed!

Comment: I think this is too early - people should be allowed to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with their families

Comment: Retailers have destroyed the meaning of Christmas and now they are determined to ruin Thanksgiving. Give me a break!

Comment: people act 2 crazy shopping on this day. I'll pass & do it the regular way. No crazy long lines & people over items.

Comment: working on Friday all day. no shopping on Thursday night.

Comment: No this is family time. Black Friday comes soon enough.

Comment: That's insane!!! If people would just do their shoppimg through the year they wouldn't have to deal with this mess!!!


Comment: no

Comment: Boycotting Black Friday too!

Comment: Will be at work.

Comment: nothing is sacred anymore

Comment: And break my perfect record of doing all my shopping on Christmas Eve??

Comment: It isn't worth the hassle and why set yourself up for a mugging-inside the store -as well as outside the store that late? Doesn't make very good sense does it? I do much better at shopping when it is daylight! Where did everyone's common sense go?

Comment: you guys do a horrible job- religiously liberal- biased, tainted and tilted reporting- very unprofessional

Comment: I have 5 children and 5 grand children and I don't even have enough to make my house payment. What am i supposed to do?

Comment: I did once in my life and will never do it again.. I was in line for a computer for 4 hours and to find out they only had 3 per store...

Comment: That is the time we spend with family. People are forgetting that, that is the day we enjoy each other and not worry about another holiday.

Comment: No way! I think that if customers stand up and refuse to shop at insane times then maybe the stores will reconsider their policies. Retail employees should be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families too.

Comment: Everything should close for the holiday except grocery stores should open noon to 4pm. As for me, I'll be shopping online, Cyber Monday!

Comment: We must be the laughing stock of the world every year.Could not drag me ....hopefully the pathetic greed trampling sceen's don't play out again. All for cheap china crap (((rolling eyes))) Do yourselves a favor and our economy buy local, Gym,spa memberships,Salon gift's certs.for computer/cleaning services. Skip black friday

Comment: My mom might have raised some ugly kids, but not stupid ones. I don't do that because we eat late and I am just to tired from all fufaray of the holiday.

Comment: have never and will never shop on black friday

Comment: I think it is a shame that we can't just have good deals all day long on black friday. Why do I have to be out at midnight to get a good deal. I will just shop on the internet.

Comment: Wont be shopping but i'll be in the store helping those shoppers

Comment: know the worker need time with there family not have to go to work friday is best that why it call black friday

Comment: Never go shopping on Black Friday, too crazy out there!!

Comment: This whole idea is nuts, Christmas is a religious holiday not a shopping spree, and who really needs to do Christmas gift shopping at this time.

Comment: cheaper to shop online

Comment: Heck no==capitalistic pigs!

Comment: This is getting ridiculous.

Comment: Thanksgiving Day is to busy, I will be to tired to go out at midnight. This stinks! My son & I have gone out every year for the last 18 years. We like getting up at 3 am and seeing the lines all over the place. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Comment: nope! cant afford Christmas again this year!

Comment: Some of us are still unemployed and are having tough times paying the bills and putting food on the table and still find a little extra for the kid to have at least one present. So, no, I won't be going shopping on black friday or any other friday.

Comment: Watching grnbaby so daughter can go.....

Comment: I've gone out before and it's just a big hoax. I will no longer wait in line just to find out that this store only got "5" of the "50" of an item they were supposed to get.

Comment: I realize there are great deals on black Friday but I have seen the crazy things people are capable of because they want a certain item. And even when you do go out for the sale a store is having you are not guaranteed that they will have any left in stock because everyone wants the items on sale that day.

Comment: Because we should show these companies, that we have spending power. We should be able to shop at our convenience and still get the best deal possible. We can turn Black Friday into. Saturday Consumer Day! no fighting over nothing, no getting up in the middle night fighting lines and plenty merchandise for everyone at a reasonable price.


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