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Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

66.66% Yes
33.33% No

Comment: Our 3 grandkids were here and unwrapped gifts. That's all we wanted.

Comment: i think Christmas is for the children, so as long as my kids get what they want then it was a great Christmas

Comment: yes I got everything that I wanted because last year, a week before Christmas and 1 week after I got married, I fell down a flight of 14 steps and broke my neck, 5 ribs, left forearm and fractured my left wrist in several places. I also had a concussion and was in a coma for 3 days. This year was injury free and I can remember spending it with my beautiful wife.

Comment: I had asked for a Nook Color for Christmas. I didn't get the Nook Color. My husband instead got me the new Nook Tablet. That was even better in my eyes.

Comment: I thank God for my Christmas gift, my mother's life. She recently underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer and the outcome was positive. I don't need anything else for Christmas.

Comment: Not only did I get the smart phone I wanted, I got it 2 weeks early!


Comment: No because my family can't see the true meaning at Christmas and can't let past actions stay in the past. They have to get drunk and cause scenes. And a certain woman who birthed an amazing child is using said child in a stupid get back at the daddy game, which hurts me, the dad and ultimately the child.

Comment: Not even close, but I did get a big bottle of Ibuprofen for my broken leg!

Comment: Skpped Christmas this year. Our daughter had a pregnancy issue with three small babies. We could not find help for us to bring her back from Texas. Used all our Christmas funds plus to bring her back..so those babies and our 15 yr old and 17 yr old did not receive christmas at all...sad sad year. Now we struggle to keep it all together here.

Comment: I got a kite for Christmas. It came with a note: "Ran out of coal, go fly a kite - Santa!!!"

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