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Does how much money a presidential candidate make impact whether or not you vote for them?

16.12% Yes
83.87% No

Comment: Why should it, does Jerry, Terry, Bob, Lisa, Yolanda, & Dana all WORK for Poor People? No they are wealthy and God bless em I do not care. I want to see a man in their that KNOWS what he is doing!!!!

Comment: It is only a part of my decision making. I look at them to see to if they are a person who say "Do ask I say, not as I do." If they admit their mistakes and their moral values. If they have been force to resign, then how can you trust what they are saying. Action speaks louder then words. A moral person would admit their mistake and step down.

Comment: After hearing how much Romney made last year, and how little tax he paid, it is clear to me that he does not have the character to be President. Even if his deductions were "legal" that does not make it morally right - which I would hope a President-to-be would be very clear on. He can't criticize others for not doing the right thing, when he clearly isn't - and it shows that he doesn't have the strength of character to be a good leader. He is just another wealthy guy who thinks that the rules all apply to others-also not a very good representation of the Mormon faith...

Comment: I really think it's none of our business how much he(or she) makes. There is no influence on how good of a president he(or she) would be based on the amount of money he(or she) makes.

Comment: This is a free country and those who work and are successful should be able to be president. Lets not forget John Kennedy was well off. They may be able to bring things to the the table to help this country that poiticians lack.

Comment: it doesnt matter how much they make as long as they pay the same tax rates as us..

Comment: It should never matter. What matters is education, Morals,Beleives is you county. The way you carry yourself in public, how you presivw the public, just some of the things that matter.

Comment: It's not about how much they make, but how honest they are about where and how they report it.

Comment: Just get us back on track and keep we middle class peoples heads above water. I am so sick and tired of politics.

Comment: There is not one worth running our country.. Those days are over. No morals rrespect or love for fellow americans. Just who can slander the other guy the best..

Comment: its not how much they make - its how they make it.

Comment: If if did then Obama, Edwards and Kerry would've had a problem too.

Comment: No it should not mater how much they make. All I care is how they going to bring back the economic growth in the privit secton, not the gov't.


Comment: I want to hear what they will do as president, not putting each other down because of their bank accounts and past miss deeds.

Comment: I just want someone who cares about this country, and is a true leader. We do not have that right now!

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