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Do you agree with Komen for the Cure's decision to restore funding to Planned Parenthood?

36% Yes
64% No


Comment: You would be hard pressed to find a Planned Parenthood that actually does breast screenings. They refer clients to other organizations who provide that service. This is a little know, never reported fact.

Comment: I am a 20 yr survivor of breast cancer and was willing to discontinue any fund raising and donations for Komen. I will be watching for their policy in the future.

Comment: pink flag to white flag. what a shame.

Comment: Planned Parenthood Kills Unborn Children. Giving them money is a terrible idea and practice. :0(((

Comment: Planned Parenthood's main objective is to murder innocent unborn babies, not breast cancer.

Comment: It just goes to show you, follow the money values and morals all have a price these days.

Comment: I don't agree and will now no longer support Komen. Komen never made it political, PP did. The fact that Komen buckled shows me they are too concerned for politics and not breast cancer.

Comment: Don't play politics with the health of our daughters, wives, mothers, and sisters!

Comment: In light of the evidence supporting abortions as a cause of breast cancer, and Planned Parenthood supporting abortion, that is counter productive, don't you think?

Comment: Both groups are supposed to work for improvement to women's health. Why would Komen for the Cure pull funding for screening for women without a plan to replace the loss of health centers?

Comment: I think they should have the right to choose who they want to give grants to. It is a shame that planned parenhood would try to politicize Komen for the Cure's decision. Both organizations do a lot of good for the community.

Comment: planned peranthood should not get any money from kure or the gov't.


Comment: as long as it is not used to abort a child

Comment: With such a strong link between abortion and breast cancer, I would think Komen would not want to be involved with an institution that promotes abortion. PP hides behind the facade of providing screenings,but there real money maker is the abortions. Komen herefore supports breast cancer with their reversal of their decision.

Comment: Many Americans like myself do not beleive in Abortion.Planned parenthood should be renamed Abortion Central!

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