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Do you think we will get a big snow storm this winter?

32.7% Yes
67.29% No

Comment: i,m a spring fall & winter guy i hate summer because of the heatwave & bugs

Comment: Yes in mid to late March.

Comment: we have had a mild winter. Look out. When it is like this, it always hits big in March and even April.

Comment: This is OHIO! Of course we will. May be late winter, even early spring but, yep. I think so....

Comment: yes we will

Comment: Yeah, I figure about spring break, we will get hit with a snow storm!! Maybe not but this winter sure has been weird enough so ya never know!

Comment: I hope so, A three Day one would be nice!

Comment: yes we are def going to be hit with a bigstorm

Comment: yes in March...

Comment: This winter has just been too weird.

Comment: We will get at least one good storm with 8 inches or more....it will be during the week of March 19 - 23....

Comment: Until may31st in OHIO there is always a chance of a big snow storm!

Comment: We've avoided the bullet so far but I suspect we will get a whopper storm in March.

Comment: I think we will at least get one big storm before its all over. I hope not.Been lovin this winter.UNBELIEVABLE :]

Comment: We will most likely get it in march or the beginning of april

Comment: Old man winter is going to wait just right before spring, And I think we will get hit hard.

Comment: Winter hasn't been predictable. Don't get complacent!

Comment: Winter storms hit in April at times

Comment: I believe we would have already gotten a big snow, if we were going to get one.

Comment: Got to think positive.

Comment: No and not very happy about it! Need one good storm!

Comment: You guys will make a big deal about it wheather we get 1 inch or more. We live in Ohio, we know what to expect. Your newscasts are terrible and your reporters are the worst. They report like the should be working for Inside addition!

Comment: Hope not. I am ready for Spring.. Well I have seen it snow in April. Ohio weather is weird.

Comment: This winter has been off. I will be surprised if we get a large amount now. but on the other hand this IS OHIO



Comment: Nope...I think Mother Nature is giving us a break due to the fact that she was so rude to us the last two winters!

Comment: If we haven't had it by now , we are not going to get it. You have to remember we are the Ohio Valley. And that is the catch.Valley

Comment: No big snow. But I believe we will have a few days of below of temps in the low to mid teens.

Comment: Its almost spring!!

Comment: don,t need no snow, hurry up spring

Comment: we haven't had one yet so why now

Comment: I think we have seen all the bad and terrible weather we are going to see for the rest of the remaing of the winter.

Comment: i don`t think we will get a big snowstorm. More snow? Probably, but not a snowstorm.

Comment: i dont think we will its just too nice

Comment: I think it is too late for us to experience a good snow storm this season. I do believe we can expect mosquitoes the size of baseballs and ticks that mount a saddle to the poor dogs back before sucking their fill! I will pray that we get a nice BIG snow storm that put the temperature below freezing for at least 3 weeks (Just to kill the bugs!) But I think it is just too late for that prayer to be answered.

Comment: No I think winter is pretty much over for us here in Columbus Ohio, but I also may have just jinxed us. Sorry Ohio

Comment: No big snow this year. Spring is already in the air.

Comment: please just be glad we are having a mild winter - don't jinx it!

Comment: the birds are back. there is not going to be anything major happen.

Comment: so sad :(

Comment: unfortunately, no.

Comment: we will get ice b4 a deep snow

Comment: we had a mild winter this year sincerly,jimmy percy

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