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Do you think Ohio will be pivotal in November's general election?

73.28% Yes
26.71% No

Comment: just hope that the people see through all of the talk. They need to go with the man that does things, not just talks. Actions have always been louder then words

Comment: We must act with due consideration for the future of this country. The debt burden will cripple us and leave our children with an insurmountable burden. This president will drive this country so far into a socialistic political system and "modify" the Constitution" beyond all recognition.

Comment: Fuel price increasing will be main issue. obama says drilling will do nothing, however wants to release reserves. If we were allowed to drill by environmentalist, this would decrease even more then releasing reserves. Amazing to that everyone looks at gas prices, when diesel prices are higher and effects everything we buy as delivering everything goes up as diesel increases. All I hear on news is gas prices...

Comment: We need a change. Anything but Obama!

Comment: We must defeat Obama!!


Comment: The response of repealing Governor Kasich and the Republican General assembly On SB5 will be repeated this November.Ohioans have had it the over reach of the republican party.

Comment: Ohio will be pivitol since it is a swing state and since no Republican has ever been elected President without carrying it. They can carry it and lose but must carry it to win, so it will be pivitol to the outcome of the election. Both sides know it and will spend considerable time and money here because of it!

Comment: We will determine who gets in the white house this fall

Comment: Ohio just has always been a state that counts for alot,with all the warehouses,trucking companys

Comment: It always has been. See no reason why that should change now.

Comment: Because Inner City people will mostly vote liberal democrat and the people who live outside of cities will use thier heads to vote and they are way out numbered so 4 more years of incometance in store for us!

Comment: Ohio will help put the King back in, because Ohioans aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree!

Comment: Those in Ohio who were hoodwinked into supporting Obama have opened their eyes and will help send him back to the streets of Chicago.

Comment: yes,we are always.We have plenty of factorys,plus lot of gambling coming into the state.So just matter of which one will make more visits and back us up on growth of ohio!

Comment: yes us ohioans always try to be on jobs and war, and cost of gov, we tell it like itis .

Comment: Especially since Obama privitized "Air Force One" as his own BY REMOVING THE Flag from the tail of Air Force Oneand replacing it with his Logo. Obama will not be our next president. Another Muslim movement!

Comment: As long as the residents don't vote for Mitt Romney, Yes

Comment: Aren't we always?!

Comment: As it should be :)

Comment: Romney will have to win Ohio to be elected, but Obama does not.

Comment: yes

Comment: we are always pivitol in the elections.. this year and next.. no different.. and how about the OMCA?? I am voting to pass the legislation... get on board please!

Comment: obama-nomics sucks, lets focus on the economics=duh, and it aint obama-nomics, hope and less change.!!!!!!!

Comment: The most important election in a generation, and only the future of our country is at stake. Of the two, only Romney has the skill and leadership to right this ship.

Comment: Ohio is always pivotal in the big election. That's why all the candidates romance us and after they get elected they forget us.

Comment: of course! ohio is THE most state in the U.S.

Comment: Ohio is always crucial in a Presidential election. The diversity throughout the state is somewhat representative of the entire nation. I am hoping my own presidential campaign will have a positive impact on the Buckeye state and our country.

Comment: i hope people wake up before they vote this time.

Comment: Of course! That's one of the best things about being from the Buckeye State. We may be in the fly-over-zone, but once every 4 Years... Ohio makes a BIG Difference!

Comment: It seems in recent years, that the way Ohio votes, so goes the nation.

Comment: When is a swing state not?

Comment: Florida and Ohio will determine who is President.

Comment: Too many people take "polls" as the gospel truth. They need to research the candidates for themselves and make an intelligent decision. People let others make decisions for them. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!! Obama has done nothing for this country except drag it down.

Comment: why isn't the new's looking at the profit the petrol companies is raking up ungodly profit's again like before

Comment: I Pray hard that Mitt Romney don't be elected or we will have Very SERIOUS Problems like we've Never, Lord Providing he WON'T be.

Comment: Conservatives don't together, We're in trouble

Comment: I'm a Christain and I believe our Lord Jesus is only one that has the answers. Read Revulations, and you will see. God Bless

Comment: no..election is already paid for by socialist. no need to vote this country is toast!

Comment: In most years ohio is pivotal, but this year with the mainstream media trying to sway the election for whatever motives they have, I don't think the public will respond as usual.

Comment: President Obama can win without Ohio.

Comment: I think by the time November gets here, the economy will have improved even more, despite all the filibustering and shenanigans of the House to lower taxes on the wealthy and cut social services for the elderly, children, the disabled and the working poor. Obama/Biden 2012 is the logical choice and what's best for the entire country, not just those non American jobs creating wealth hoarders.

Comment: obama's so bad even us democrats are embarassed about voting for him the first time.

Comment: Voters do not decide elections, the person who counts the votes decides (electronic voting machines) What is the difference the choice is between bad and worse anyway.

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