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Do you agree with the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the health care insurance mandate?

34.88% Yes
65.11% No

Comment: Why not just take ALL of our pay? then the government can waste ALL our money at once.

Comment: NO ! it's a sad day for all american's . this administration is sending this country in to bankruptcy . it will now make " US ALL " more determine to vote this administration OUT of office . we must ALL come together this november to make this happen and save this country .

Comment: to much government now controlling the money

Comment: Another blow against freedom. This country was founded on freedom from taxes. Now, compliments of a socialistic government the republic is dying.

Comment: Higher taxes on the middle class to pay for others. Creating a socialist society.

Comment: Our opinion doesn't matter.

Comment: People that do not have Insurance, many times cannot afford it. How is fining someone because they do not have insurance helping?

Comment: I still don't agree the Feds can force anyone to buy anything, by decree or the Supreme Court.

Comment: The Supreme Court should not make decisions based on personal politics.

Comment: Too much Federal Gov

Comment: if we have 4 more years of this socialist, this country will be finished. all hell is going to break out. obummer must be taken out of office and send him back to Kenya...not even an American.

Comment: This is the largest tax in American History!

Comment: Good news.

Comment: No! I don't agree with the ruling!! Let me enlighten them. Most if not all people would have health insurance, if it was affordable. Encluding myself. But it is to expensive. So where is the reasoning behind the law, to fine people who do not have insurance! If I can't afford the insurance, how in the heck am I going to afford it after being fined!? The cheapest insurance I can get still will take half my paycheck! So I have to decide, do I want to eat and have a roof over my head or do I want health insurance? NO BRAINER for me. Sorry Obama can't do it! Fine me, tax me what will that do to me and others in my situation. I can tell you. Put us deeper in debt!!!!! Looking out for lower income individuals, NO! Lining the pockets in my opion!

Comment: 5 SC mmebers need to be impeached. This will bankrupt the country if it isn't repealed.

Comment: i agree

Comment: It is Un-American to charge me a fee for NOT taking a product that I don't want or need.

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