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Do you think President Obama's Health Care Law Should Be Repealed?

63.58% Yes
36.41% No

Comment: It's socialist medicine; no talented people will ever want to become physicians now. A sad day in America.

Comment: yes its bad law

Comment: This is only the beginning!

Comment: it is time to embrace health care for all

Comment: The USA is the last major developed country to get universal health care. The Affordable Health Care Act will help us catch up. It's badly needed.

Comment: We do not need government any bigger then what it is-I am tired of hearing the term"This is the fair thing, this is the right thing to do. I don't want our children and grandchildren saddled with the debt of this administration. Remember, nothing in life is FREE..

Comment: Firmly believe in this law. You are required to have car and homeowners insurance, why not insure your health/life! We will pay taxes until we die. Washington needs to stop holding the country hostage and STOP playing politics!!

Comment: I have been refused insurance due to a pre existing condition. This bill will allow me to get insurance

Comment: It is better than anything we have been able to enact in the past and a good starting point for total healthcare reform.

Comment: Under this plan the mandated panel of bureaucrats (not doctors as they will have no input) will kill my parents because they are too old to justify paying any money to treat them. Anyone over 70 is at risk of being considered an excessive burden on society and can be eliminated.

Comment: There is a big issue with the thought of someone who opts out of carrying insurance that they should be taxed to pay for someone elses. Any good healthcare reform wouldn't pass by just one vote it would pass by all votes...back to the drawing board.

Comment: Government is too big already, we need to get them out of everything.

Comment: unconstitutional!

Comment: How can forcing an individual to buy somethig be consitutional? How can a tax measure be manipulated in such a way that allows for this? President Obama, Supreme Court Justice Roberts, and the health insurance industry should all be very ashamed of themselves.

Comment: Realize the potential hiring once one has 49 employees and for those over 50 would it just be better to pay the $2000 fine? Then we have the "are you abiding" police who will do audits and look more for 1099 independent status violations in search of tax dollars apearing to look to increase employee #'s. Most 50 to 75 employee Company margins do not allow for this especially those based on consumer goods. It's stricyly an economy issue now. The Clinton Admin economy would have gotton a much better "affordability response". We will have to wait till after Nov.

Comment: Its not the best law but its a start.

Comment: Obama promised this would not be a tax, well the Supreme Court says it's a tax. Thanks Mr. Obama, just what America needs....sigh.

Comment: It is providing healthcare for millions. It is cheaper to provide healthcare this way than to have uninsured people going to hospitals and having us pick up the tab that way.

Comment: So devastating for all of the brave soldiers who have given their lives for our country to have their actions so carelessly tossed aside by a president who doesn't know the first thing about our constitution.

Comment: Anyone who is smart, ambitious and has an appreciation for personal independence should be BEYOND infuriated. On the other hand, anyone who is generally apathetic, employee minded, or maintains that forever middle class "victim" mentality should be thrilled at the thought of being coddled by a gigantic cash wasting bureaucracy.

Comment: No one talks about our privacy being taken away from us, the fed being able to go in your bank account and take what ever it wants or even to take out of you safety deposit box and take what they want and the death panel and how seniors over 75 are in all essence given a death sentence

Comment: It is beyond unconstitutional, is another form of taxation and the economy and our personal financial well being will be jeopardy.

Comment: The Health Care should have never gone through... 'We The People' don't matter. It's one thing to pay for health care but to be 'Taxed' or 'Fined' for not paying for Health Care is ABSURD! OMG...Obama Must Go!!! It's all Political Agenda & 'Executive Orders' it's not right for Obama to force us to do this.

Comment: It is a good start to helping people get better health care at reaonable rates and conditions.

Comment: It is not good for the economy and/or the American people. It will destroy America and that is what he wants to do.

Comment: Absolutely! There are a couple parts that are ok, but the vast majority of it needs to go. It is too expensive and will lead us to socialized medicine. Just look at the countries that have such plans... those that can, come HERE for treatment.

Comment: It isn't perfect but it is a start just ignoring the problem will not make it go away and people who already have insurance already pay a penalty anyways by paying higher premiums because so many do not have it

Comment: Forcing the poor to come up with money, they already don't have, to purchase expensive health insurance or fine them is just asinine to begin with. I tell the government what to do, not them tell me what to do or spend my hard-earned money on.

Comment: I think it's time to work on the implementation, NOT a repeal. Many people will benefit.

Comment: He needs kicked completely out of office and out of this country....not an American...he is a socialist!

Comment: Law is ridiculous.

Comment: It was upheld on the grounds that it is a tax but the white house says it is not a tax just a penalty, but if it is a penalty it is unconstitutional. Thanks for the Tax increase on the Middle class Obama


Comment: I cannot afford to pay health insurance and I do not qualify for a medical card through the state because I make too much according to them. Don't think there should be a penalty at least and the insurance rates would go up big time because it's mandatory to have insurance now.

Comment: There are too many uninsured people. Maybe if we all had insurance like the over-paid members of Congress and the Senate, we wouldn't have to worry about ours. We will NEVER have the benefits they do and for them to DENY others the opportunity to have coverage is sickening. They need to stop playing games with people lives.

Comment: ...

Comment: This is the most inept, corrupt and damaging law, perhaps ever written, and it is a TAX, Obama's lies to the contrary.

Comment: Our citizens really do need this to bring costs down and in check. Romney had it for Mass., and why is it not good for the rest of the country? That is a contradiction in meaning!

Comment: My income is down 60%, how can I afford health insurance ? If I dont buy it I will be fined $2100, if not paid in 30 days, it is doubled $4200? Obama is so far out of touch with reality ! ! ! !

Comment: I can't get insurance without it so thank goodness for the u.s. supreme court

Comment: I don't think the law should be repealed,the law is not perfect and still needs improving,but its a step in the right direction.if the republicans had been more interested in having a better bill ,than having no bill there would be less improvement need.the republicans keep saying they will put something better in its place.when the clintons tried healthcare,republicans said they could do it better and shot it down,and they did nothing after that ,talk is cheap action speaks louder than words.thanks president Obama,and those demacrats,and republicans that helped.

Comment: When Medicare was first made into law, there was lots of dissent....until the benefits started to roll in. Once the public understood the program, it was accepted. The same exists here. As soon as the government makes the case for the Affordable Care Act and begins a serious media education push will Americans begin to understand their healthcare benefits.

Comment: people dont understand how valuable it is until they themselves,go thru a bad situation,lose a job or get hit with a bad medical problem. then they want help. the same help they want to denie others.

Comment: The fact that our Congressional representatives voted for a bill that many, if not most, admitted they had not read, is unconscienable. I cannot imagine that even those who did read the 2500-page bill understood its true impact on the health care system -- good or bad. While believe almost everyone thinks our health care system could be improved, trying to address issues all at once, especially without significant and visible input of health care experts (and I don't mean the so-called experts in Congress) and an honest looks at costs is appalling and frightening.

Comment: He clearly lied about it being a "tax". Seems that was the only way to get it through the House of Representatives.

Comment: I think it will actually make it harder for people financially. They need to make insurance more affordable. It does no good to be able to get insurance if you have a preexisting conditions if you cannot afford the insurance premiums. That is what happened to us. So we are still with Assurant.

Comment: It was NEVER Constitutional Nothing but a Big Gov't power grab. I hope Kasich refuses to set up exchanges. Waste of State $$.

Comment: This mandate is better than what we had before its a start. But we need single payer.

Comment: Before any law is enacted they should disclose the full ramifications of tax increase and hidden costs to the consumer

Comment: This country needs health care reform. A single-payer system makes the most sense, but it was a non-starter two years ago. The Affordable Care Act is a practical alternative.

Comment: getting taxed on a product you DON'T buy is kind of a problem

Comment: It is a tax not healthcare reform. Also the government does not have the right to force anything onto the American people. Therefor it is unconstitutional and must be abolished.

Comment: If mainstream media was honest about it, more Americans would see the problematic issues here.

Comment: there are too many loop holes for insurance companies to still charge large increases to people with pre-existing.

Comment: Now the government is free to tax INACTIVITY in commerce?

Comment: time to move on. We need to improve what we now have not repeal

Comment: everyone should have access to healthcard

Comment: This is something the country can not afford! Want to do something productive about health care?-1.Focus on preventative medicine & making medications reasonable so people can buy and take their medicines, which avoids bigger medical bills 2.stop mandating providers who get any federal money must treat the "indigent" for free because people are choosing big cars, Tvs, etc. over purchasing health care plus the providers charge those of us with insurance more to make up their "loss"3. Stop using the "one size fits all" when dealing with/treating patients 4. Mandate limits on true malpractice suits - medicine is an imprecise science & there are no guarantees in life!5.Crack down on the medical write offs for the medical non profits-many abuse any maybe don't deserve their non profit status! 5. Let doctor's treat their patients.Cut out all middle men (managed care). 6. Mandate health insurance companies be non profit. Medicine has become big business in the USA!

Comment: Let President Obama do what is best for the uninsured people of the United States.

Comment: I think an angle that is not being looked at is, when you don't have Health Insurance, you don't go to the doctor regularly for "preventative care", letting things get so bad you end up at the Emeregency Room, a bill no individual could afford, and the state has to step in and foot the bill

Comment: it is hard enough in this day and time to even put food on the table for some people why force something on people they can not pay for when they live pay check to pay check

Comment: heck no!

Comment: You will never please everyone, no matter what. People will always find something...anything to complain about. Some more than others....it's what makes them happy.

Comment: The U.S. Government should never be in the healthcare business and telling us what we have to buy or not buy. FREEDOM will be taken away people! Wake up! Read your history books again and see what the Obama Administration is trying to do to this country.

Comment: We need to stop spending money or the middle class is gone!!!!!

Comment: give it a chance

Comment: Every one will need medical care in their lifetime. Every family will benefit from this. A medical crisis should not be a financial demise for any one or their family.

Comment: I am a veteran and have seen government ran health care, you don't want it.

Comment: Too many people are not lucky enough to have a job that provides family insurance plans. We need coverage bad.

Comment: he wants to be king, not pres.

Comment: I think it is big government controling our health care. The cost and the tax is not appropriate

Comment: I feel that we are just one step closer to socialism, by not giving us a choice on whether we have insurance or not!

Comment: we cannot afford it...if we cannot afford health ins. then we sure as heck cant afford the tax!!!!

Comment: Thank you Obama for caring about our healthcare

Comment: Consumers are better off when they, not the government, are in charge of how their money is spent.

Comment: The Health Care law will increase taxes and will harm economic growth in the United States. Also, I have a hard time trusting Pres. Obama after lying to the American people about this would not raise taxes, but it will.

Comment: I am unemployed and dont have health insurance I take medicine but I have no income or insurance I would love to be able to survive without worrying where I am going to see a dr and get medicine

Comment: If you think Health Care is expensive now, just wait to see how expensive it will be when it's free.

Comment: Imposing a tax penalty for not having insurance can be a burden for small businesses and individuals who just simply cannot afford it. A person already struggling to buy food would have to choose between food or insurance. Small businesses may have to cut labor just to provide insurance to employees. It will hurt the economy

Comment: ALL U.S. citizens should be covered by health care. Health care coverage should be free to natural-born U.S. citizens. Congress people get free health care and they have large, exorbitant salaries.

Comment: The Government has done such a terrible job running Medicade, Medicare, and Social Security I don't want them running my healthcare...

Comment: The cost is tremendous and it's one step closer to Obama's Socialism agenda.

Comment: I really don't believe Americans evan know the pandoraa box they have opened if they truely believe this is a good thing. Just rememver if the gov can control you heath care, then what is next. Be care what you ask for. Just wait until you start having to pay for it through your taxes.

Comment: not perfect but long overdue. was proposed by both sides

Comment: Requiring people to purchase insurance doesn't fix what is broken with the health care system, nor does it guaranteee better care. The legislation is not well written, does not respect patient privacy and should be redone.

Comment: its a boon doggle to send 17% of the economy to washington. If they really were concerned about health care they could have bought a major medical policy for the uninsured and left the rest of us alone.

Comment: Stop taxing the US people.

Comment: It needs repealed and he needs voted out!!!

Comment: The individual mandate penalizes those who because they have sufficient assets to pay for health care, have made the conscious choice not to buy insurance. Forcing them to subsidize others is wrong.

Comment: I think there are alternatives to reform health care insurance companies. Eliminating the prior condition penalty, making everyone eligible, amonth other things will go a long way to making those who are not eligible qualified for low-cost care.

Comment: Government already has too much control over us.

Comment: a terrible law

Comment: Our healthcare system is sick and has been sick for years. It may be imperfect and expensive but it is the only way hundreds of thousands of Americans can have access to the healthcare they so desperately need and so clearly deserve.

Comment: This law is an intrusion of big government and a way to gain taxes from the working people. Why else would they be hiring all of the IRS agents.

Comment: Obama has done nothing to help this country,just wasted time and money.What we need is jobs back from China,keep the work and money back here.If we get jobs back here people back to work they will have Health care.Obama health care forced on people goes against this country's freedom to choose what they want and don't want to buy or do.The time I spent in the United States Army was wasted to now be told what to do or not to do,like we live in China , Russia or Cuba.I would not want to live in any other country.We need our freedom back.My dad was in US Navy 21 years ,WW2 Korean War had to stay one year after his 20 year enlistment because of the Cuban Crisis.He told me he had been all over the world and there is not a better place to live.He is no longer with us now,if he was I wonder what he would say now with Obama forcing this health care on us with out our consent.If we got our companies back here with good paying jobs this would help with just about every problem this country has.The day Obama is out of office will the best thing ever happened to this country.I do not under stand why the last bit of time Obama has in office getting this so called health care voted in gets a feather in his cap to waste another four years of our time and money.I hate to think how big our national debt will increase with Obama at the wheel for another four years.What ever happens when Obama is out of office he will have the best retirement and health care then any of us so why should he care. One very unhappy MIKE

Comment: takes away even more freedom. So when do we start wearing the same type clothing as in north korea?

Comment: The faster the better

Comment: cost have got to be dealed with going to the doctor & pills & insureance are killing us working people

Comment: I think we should have single payer coverage.

Comment: Without it I could not provide insurance to my daugther, age 22. She doesn't live with me but she doesn't have a job yet. She has just graduated college.

Comment: There are just too many questions and too many deals were made to pass it. Additionally, any time a bill is 2,500 pages long, that is too long and complicated to serve the people well.

Comment: they are going to keep on until all our rights are gone and the media is helping too

Comment: Its a TAX. More money in goverment control.

Comment: It is amazing to me that the hatred of President Obama could cloud all reasoning. Access to healthcare should be the right of every american.

Comment: It should be my choice if i want Health Care or not.

Comment: Less Govt. in every area!

Comment: New Health Care Law will bankrupt the country and result in a poor quality of healthcare. Also most of healthcare bill has nothing to do with healthcare in the first place.It is one big tax!

Comment: it does not look at people who off work due to hurt at work for one like me who lost insurance that way

Comment: Glad to be able to get insurance. Everyone should be able to.

Comment: We are strangling our society with good intentions. I do not believe the spirit of our constitution was drafted allowing this over reach of Federal power

Comment: Health Care is not supposed to be rewarding insurance companies and extremely high health care. The only real 'reform' in this is more money forced from us to both of these.

Comment: This law taxes the middle class in 7 new ways and will take away our choice in our own care. Yet another theft of our freedom.

Comment: The democrats finally got a health care package to benifit the people of the United States. What plan does the GOPer's have? Repeal is the only plan the Republicans have.Lets move forward and get more things done for the people of the USA

Comment: Only the rich are complaining about paying there fair share. After all Country club fees are skyrocketing!

Comment: I don't really approve of Obamacare but it is a start. I would much rather see Insurance and pharmeceutical regulation. That would actually help all people.

Comment: the people in Washington are so out of touch with the public. Repealing Obabmacare will help millions of self employed individuals and businesses which in turn helps the general population. Did they really think that businesses wouldn't react to Obabmacare by making employees foot more of the healthcare bill? Out of touch!

Comment: As with anything concerning the government,there will be people who slip through the cracks,but what I see is the punishment of anyone over the age of 60,and maybe younger.To start with there were about 30 million people without insurance and they are the people we should have helped instead of ruining insurance for 300 million

Comment: Roberts is wrong. it is Unconstitutional


Comment: Repeal

Comment: why tax people to pay for someone else that can't afford insurance? why is there a tax if you are not able to pay and what happens if you don't buy do you got to jail?

Comment: i believe until waste is taken care of this is just tossing bath water out with the baby. governments answer to everything. throw more money at it

Comment: He should be kicked out of office before the election.He has cost me a raise in SS and now medicare won't cover as much because of him, that makes him a thief. gun control another issue that him and Clinton are traitors

Comment: Something had to be done. Why don't we see if it will work!

Comment: Obama just needs to go and let someone else run the white house

Comment: It is not up to the government to be involved in personal decisions like this.

Comment: It is already helping thousands of Ohioans.

Comment: I finally was able to get insurance since I have preexisting. This plan is great.

Comment: We voted him in, he put this bill throug, Congress passed it, the Supreme Court upheld it - why should it be repealed? Let it stand! It's time we made some changes and started working on this problem.

Comment: There are many concerns with this law, however many people with pre-exsisting conditions will be helped by it. It's a complex issue that as adults we ought to be able to speak and write about it without all the emotion that is tied to this law.

Comment: The Supreme Court decided the law was constitutional. Attempting to repeal it now is sour grapes. Congress should focus on some real economic legislation instead of playing political football with people's ability to get health coverage.

Comment: This guy is living like a rock star on our dollar. This whole Obamacare is a big tax. typical democratic answer. more tax and bigger government. good thing he wont be around much longer.

Comment: the government doesnt constitutional have the right to make someone buy a product. plus this is a tax not health care. Health care is a doctor, patient relationship. not one with the federal govt, lawyers, insurance companies and any other blood sucker trying to get free money from the patientsl

Comment: My husband and I have pre-existing conditions. My son has a pre-existing condition and he can remain on my insurance until age 26 to help with his medical care. I did not have to pay the co-pay for my daughter's check up and my son's co-pay was lowered since the passage of this bill. I am grateful for President Obama's health care law.

Comment: Yes it should ,its just another tax and will only serve to increase costs of everyones healthcare!

Comment: Why is it everytime something is GOOD for the poor and middle class - the Republicans want to repeal it???????? I am sick of the crooks with power and money. When are the American people going to wake up and see who they really vote for?????

Comment: It's an unnecessary waste of taxpayers money. Consider this, how many government programs can you name that have become smaller over time? This one will sink the ship.

Comment: Yes because it is going to put alot of the small businesses out of business if they have to supply health insurance for say just one person.

Comment: It is a person's choice to have or not have health insurance. After taking away that choice... what next.... what other freedoms will be taken away.

Comment: We not only can't afford this and the additional taxes, we don't need anymore Government control of our lives.

Comment: Basicly a good idea

Comment: We need affordable health care for all. We have to start somewhere. Both political party leaders need to get together and figure something out and stop the bickering. It's the right thing to do!

Comment: most definitely, our country is on a downhill slide to socialized healthcare with this. He and that needs to go.

Comment: It's just not right . KISS

Comment: It law get over it!

Comment: Absolutely get rid of that job killing bill

Comment: I have lived in the states and now live in canada much much better of with goverment run health care and my insurance prim. went from $1600 per month to $90 and the medical service is better

Comment: He lied to us. not a tax?

Comment: I think he needs to stop lying an tell the truth

Comment: Absolutely, the federal government reached far beyond where they should. If, at all, this is a state issue.

Comment: Personally, while I would have preferred "medicare for all" this is the best we could do. The insured have to pay for the uninsured one way or another. I see the benefits of changes in the law for myself already.

Comment: i am already broken down

Comment: bad law for us

Comment: Although it may not be perfect it is a step in the right direction for our country.

Comment: no it's going to help a lot of people

Comment: the only good thing is covering pre existing conditions...

Comment: It was supposed to help healthcare, not cost us more in taxes. President wants it, let him pay for it out of his pocket. Afterall, this is something he will never have to worry about for himself or his family!

Comment: It will be good when those that can't get health care can...


Comment: This will hurt the middle class and businesses.

Comment: Biggest government tax grab in history of US. A big step toward socalism.

Comment: This country cannot afford free health care for millions more

Comment: I think we need a health care law in this country. My husband pays $75 weekly for our health care and he works foe a temp service. We just cut back on other things.

Comment: I am tired of the government steam rolling right over us and this health care is not the only thing that is broke our Government in Broke and need fixed by doing away with the party system. I believe every Politian deserve 2 terms 1 in office and the other in jail.

Comment: About time we change health care in this country! just wish Obama would have gone farther.

Comment: Far too sweeping and controlling. Our country was founded on the premise of casting off invasive government. Let us not forget that.

Comment: its not fair for everyone.


Comment: Less Government = better economy Socialism sucks!!!! Communism never works!!!!

Comment: Yes I'm tired of the government telling me what I have to do this is stilla free country I think.

Comment: Due to cost roar and my rights must be freedom TO CHOICE!


Comment: It should not be repealed! Doesn't make since to spend taxes dollars trying to repeal it because it is our law now and we all need to work together to implement it.

Comment: Knowing first hand the difficulty in obtaining affordable healthcare I support anything that assures coverage for more people.

Comment: What's the alternative? Medicaid. That comes out of everyone else's pocket.

Comment: The middle class cannot pay for this and still be middle class

Comment: Of course Obamacare should be repealed, are you stupid?

Comment: The health care law may need tweaking but not tally eliminated. For example: increase the threshold from $250,000 to $1,000,000. That is only one suggestion.

Comment: Aside from increasing health care to millions of uninsured Americans, this law will also improve the quality of health care and how it's delivered to patients.

Comment: I think it should be available for those who want it, not force everyone to buy though.

Comment: it's killing jobs and raising taxes

Comment: Parts of the bill are fine but mandates and any services to non-citizens should be eliminated.

Comment: I don't care what the Supreme Court ruled. The Constitution was written to protect us from the government and exactly this kind of law!

Comment: How does the US compete on a global basis when companies like Toyota and Honda have health care for their workers are provided by their governments? The fact of the matter is, government and business alike have to bare the brunt of health care when you don't have a single payer system

Comment: NO....Does anyone else have a better plan or do you just want to complain about something?? The best way to handle this is to VOTE in November

Comment: Obamacare should be repealed because it forces people to buy health insurance. It will increase the cost of coverage while causing a shortage and the quality will suffer as a result. It will also penalize people for not having coverage even if they don't want it or can't afford it. This will be enforced by the IRS and will cause further problems for lower and middle-income families. This legislation's cost estimates are now approximately $2.7 trillion dollars, about 3 times what it was originally projected to cost. Our national debt is currently about $16 trillion dollars. We can't afford the excessive debt and to top it off, most people don't want it!

Comment: Yes, repeal it. It was passed unconstitionally, its a TAX, its a job killer, and it interferes with the doctor-patient relationship.

Comment: the way it was shoved down our throats . . .and what "Free" country charges you $90 dollars a year for NOT buying their poorly constructed policy ? ? ?

Comment: YES!!!!

Comment: no do not repeal it

Comment: President Obama is on the right track; he simply has a lot of mess to clean up from the 8 years Bush was in office.

Comment: Until it can be done right instead of hastily thrown together and not read by the people voting on it, yes.

Comment: Everyone should have a right to healthcare!!!!

Comment: we can either pay for people to be covered by insurance or pay their emergency room bills...so does it really matter?

Comment: its illegal

Comment: As a social worker, I see how this would help so many people who have to struggle as it is. It makes no sense to me that people honestly believe that because you don't have a job or the ability to afford health care, that they deserve to go without health care. This isn't about your pocketbook, this is about life and death for hundreds and thousands of people in our country that we are "so proud of".

Comment: With me being disabled and unable to work anymore,it helps to have it

Comment: They should never have passed it in the 1st place when the american people let it know they did NOT want it.

Comment: The government needs to stop trying to control our lives

Comment: The reasons are too numerous to count, but one overriding factor is the multi-trillion dollar burden placed on the taxpayer who is overwhelmed already. Deficit spending has to stop!!

Comment: Give it a chance to do what it is supposed to do. A lot of money could be saved by NOT paying legisaltors who do NOTHING. Holdtheir salaries. Maybe we should all have the chance to get the health care they have for life. How about that?

Comment: Its a big bill and some parts of it have saved lives.

Comment: Repel all of it.

Comment: I like my insurance just like it is I dont want some politican messing with it they have already messed everything else up they need to leave my Ins alone

Comment: Everyone in this country should have health care. This law ensures that this will happen. Should we go back to the uninsured people using the emergency room as health care, and the middle class (what there is left of it) footing the bill for everybody?

Comment: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, get no medical care and die.

Comment: this bill was not wanted when it was introduced and still is not wanted..

Comment: or put all government on social security and term limits

Comment: blah... we need to wipe out the whole freaking government and start again from scratch.. Or at least... get rid of the Democrats.

Comment: I don't have insurance because I can't afford it. I don't really appreciate being threatened. If I have it, I'm paying big payments each month... If I don't have it, I'm paying even bigger fines/taxes each month. It's a lose/lose situation.

Comment: It should not be repealed. It was signed into law over two years ago and found to be completely Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. The law is already helping people, and as stated by the Congressional Budget Office, it will save money over the years.

Comment: Why should we have to pay for someone else's health care?

Comment: The system we have now is not doing anyone any favors. We need to try something else. We take care of every nation but our own and I am sick of it. (and I have a job, VERY good health insurance, and am on NO public assistance)

Comment: good riddance 01/20/2013

Comment: why mess up a positive thing?

Comment: We cannot afford to overload our budget any further. This law will bankrupt our nation.

Comment: It is important to keep this law! Fully implemented, it will slow the soaring cost of health care in the country. The law is already making health care accessible and lowering costs for thousands of citizens.

Comment: It hurts lower income people who get federal poverty medical treatment for free 100% paid better than insurance 80% - 20%. Always talk about the rich middle class what about the lower class.

Comment: i think it is great. some people don't understand or seen to care whats going on(with their smaller govt or your own responsibility crap)until they get sick and lose there job. then they are the first ones in line with their hands out wanting help.

Comment: Absolutely! In fact, congress should be required to have same heath care as the rest of us. They would then think a little differently. Why should they set themselves above the rest of the 300 million plus people in this country

Comment: The name of the act does not describe it: PPACA - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It does neither.

Comment: And take him with you

Comment: The Health Care Law is simply another oneof President Bambams attemptso make us Socialst State!

Comment: Whats done is done. Lets tweak it and make it work

Comment: This law is immoral, Any law which puts a person under compulsion to buy something for somebody else's profit is immoral. This law also targets those who are least able to afford health insurance - they are the ones who will shoulder the burden of payment for this abomination. It does nothing to address the cost of health care, it simply passes costs on to the poorest amonst us - whether that is called a mandate, tax, or penalty. It is immoral.

Comment: health care is what everyone should have. we need to have a healthy and strong population for now and the future to survive in this world.

Comment: get rid of it

Comment: It's an entitlement that's unsustainable. If the federal government would open competition nationwide the market prices would correct and everyone who wants insurance could buy insurance. Making people buy something is an infringement of our liberties as American Citizens. There is no healthcare crisis because no one is turned away for service. It's just the cost component that can't continue to escalate at will.

Comment: It was not well thought out, it is not as presented, it is more beneficial for companies to pay the penalty and force us into a govt. system which I believe is what the intention was from the beginning

Comment: President Obama's healthcare law not only hurts small businesses but also individual freedoms.

Comment: too many people work but can't get insurance from their employer such as my wife. She has not been to a dr. in 10 years or so. I pray each day she stays healthy. I was hurt on the job and I now have disability. I wish she could get it but we are holding out for 2014. BTW.Since she works and my checks. We make too much for free medicaid.

Comment: Every president running for office has vowed to provide affordable HC coverage. But not one has been able to accomplish it EXCEPT President Obama. President Obama makes me feel like he is truly committed to the Job of President . . . not the TITLE! He is there to rebuild the middle class and HC is just one step.

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