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Do you agree with a federal judge's decision to restore early voting hours in Ohio on the final three days before the November election?

54.79% Yes
45.2% No

Comment: Absolutely. People work different hours, in different cities and there needs to be adequate time to vote, even if your employer doesn't allow time off for voting.

Comment: it's about time that tthe law was upheld. glad to see koch brothers can buy everyone

Comment: Hell Yes!!!

Comment: Too many people work odd hours. Retail is open 24/7. Give everyone a chance to vote in person.

Comment: This was a political stunt by republicans to make voting more difficult for people... pure and simple

Comment: Why would we limit the ability to vote in the United States?

Comment: It is the right decision period. Restricting the ability of people's right to vote to try and win an election is disgusting.

Comment: Only if ID is required. I show my ID everytime. I have nothing to hide.

Comment: Sure. I have no problem with trying to allow as many people as possible opportunities to vote. I also have no problem with requiring of them voter IDs.

Comment: This allows opportunity for fraud - - people voting more than once, deceased people voting, etc...

Comment: Nor do I agree it is too hsrd to obtain a photo voting id; just a shill so the Dems can send dead people to vote.

Comment: Election day should be a federal holiday.

Comment: That should have only been reserved for the military

Comment: I feel that my vote is not being protected... use yo be you either were out of town and had a excuse to vote early... or you voted on the election day... if voting meant anything to you you voted on election day and were glad to be a part of the process.

Comment: No, with everyone receiving an absentee ballot there is no excuse for someone not voting with out extend days. There plenty of time to vote. At some point in time people have to step up and take responsibility to vote with the time limit if they really want to vote.

Comment: Why even bother having an 'election day' if people can vote 'whenever'?

Comment: Continued waste of money, if you don't have enough sense to vote with all of the opportunities available, you shouldn't be voting. Another democratic party stunt, begging for votes!

Comment: The judge is under pressure from Obama lawyers and supporters...likely an Obama supporter himself...perhaps even taking payola.

Comment: we have mail in ballots, early voting, ectra why weekends too? stuff the box?

Comment: I believe this is just another way the way we are giving to mmany illegals a way too vote. Most are going to vote for Obama, I seem him as their savior to stay in this country. We have enough time to vote the way it was sit up before.

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