Safety paramount as new football helmet cover coming to Ohio

COLUMBUS -- A former NFL offensive lineman is the co-founder of a new football helmet cover he hopes will become standard gear at least in the youth ranks where 3 million play the game.

With more than 30 U.S. football teams on the college, high school and junior level using ProTech technology, the company Defend Your Head thinks they are making strides to make the game safer.

More than three years of visible results and verifiable feedback is a big step toward acceptance in competition.

Former New York Jets offensive lineman John Roman is one of the company's co-founders and played the game from eight years old to 31.

"I've seen teammates who are not doing well and it scares the heck out of me," Roman told ABC-6.

The cover weighs about a pound and has some give to it. "The cover moves slightly and guides the force away at impact." Roman said.

Pro-Tech will be on display Thursday at the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association at Easton Town Center

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