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COLUMBUS (Adam Aaro) -- Unlocking your DNA has never been more affordable thanks to advances in technology and research. A California company, 23andMe, is one of the leaders in offering home genetic tests that tell you everything from your health risks to your ancestry.

"In the last several years it's been explosive growth in what we can tell you about your DNA and what it means," said Dr. Emily Drabant, who is part of the 23andMe Research Team.

"We've really pioneered a way for the average person to get access to their genetic information," Drabant added.

For $100, you get a kit in the mail with a vial to fill with saliva. Once filled, the vial mixes with a solution, and then the person mails it back to 23andMe. Six to eight weeks later you get your results.

Power 107.5 DJ Dommy Styles and I both took the test.

"Before my wife and I had twins, I wouldn't have cared at all," Styles said. "But me and my wife talked a lot about it and I definitely want to know what I'm genetically predisposed to, as well as what I might be passing along to them."

Along with your health and ancestry, the test also lets you see if you have any distant or close relatives who have taken the test. And sometimes, these may be relatives you didn't know you had. 

"So we can tell if two people are related because they have identical segments of DNA they share," Dr. Drabant said. "Which means they inherited that common DNA from an ancestor. We've had people that have had some really remarkable discoveries, in terms of finding biological siblings or parents they didn't know they had and really having some trans-formative experiences building out their family tree."

Styles says his ancestry results were especially eye-opening.

"I knew I'm partially African, I knew that part, but with it being 10-percent European and 4-percent Asian and 4-percent Native American, it's amazing," Styles said.

For more information about 23andMe and the test itself, you can visit the company's website at      
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