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Families Seek Coyote Trapper's Help

COLUMBUS (Lu Ann Stoia) The number of coyotes is rising in Ohio, and that has some urban neighborhoods on alert and asking for help. 

People are worried pets and small children could be at risk.  Some families are reaching out to professional trappers to help them get rid of the coyotes. 

Tom Parr is one of a couple dozen trappers in Central Ohio and said coyotes have become more acquainted with people and neighborhoods. 

Parr said unless the coyotes are provoked or cornered, he thinks they are more afraid of us than we are of them.  He admits small dogs and cats, however, are at risk of falling victim to the coyote.

If people feed dogs and cats outside, they know where that food is, so that may draw them in as well, Parr said.

Some trappers turn in the coyotes for their pelts and get between $20 and $40 each. Parr sets coyote traps at Bolton Field Airport to make sure the runways are free of the animals. 

There was an incident where a Leer Jet hit one, he said.

Parr estimated that thousands of coyotes could be roaming the state, and advised people against trying to trap an animal themselves. 

The coyote has a massive grip and his mouth can kill, he said.

He added that since the coyote has no real predators, they are here to stay.

Once everything else is gone in this world, the coyote will still be here.

For more information on coyotes and how to find a trapper in your area, you can visit the Ohio State Trappers Association website.

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