Columbus man killed in Walmart shooting near Cincinnati
Adam Black (Jamie Redmond)

Police have identified the victim in a deadly Walmart shooting in Cincinnati and he was born and raised in Columbus.

The shooting happened Thursday night at Walmart on Princeton Road near Hamilton, Ohio.

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Police believe 32-year-old Anthony Brown was shoplifting from the electronics section at a Walmart in Cincinnati when a shopper tried to stop him.

Brown pulled away and ran toward the doors where another shopper tried to stop him. That's when Brown allegedly pulled out a gun and killed 35-year-old Adam Black.

An employee who was also trying to help was shot and taken to the hospital in serious condition. That employee's name has not been released.

Jamie Redmond is still in shock after hearing the tragic news of her ex-boyfriend, Adam Black.

"I am so shook that this has happened to. It couldn't have happened to a better guy,” said Redmond. "Adam cared about people and that's why he stepped into that situation because he wanted to do the right thing and he cared. I am very upset,” Redmond said.

Redmond said Black was born and raised in Columbus and just moved to the Cincinnati area about a month ago to be with his fiancé. The two were expecting a baby and had just bought a house.

"He was at that store because his aunt had sent him a gift to go buy new furniture and things to furnish their new home. Because his aunt was so excited about this new love and this new baby, and she wanted to gift him this and that's why he was there,” Redmond said.

Her heart now breaks, but she will always remember him as someone with a big heart who always tried to protect others.

"That's exactly who Adam was. Adam cared deeply for people,” Redmond said.

Police tracked Brown down to the Fairfield Inn in Middletown where he was arrested early Friday morning.

Brown faces aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and a gun charge for the Walmart shooting.

He had posted a $200,000 bond through a bail bond company after he allegedly robbed the Minnick's drive-through on Dixie Highway on October 23.

Police said he had a gun during that robbery and stole cash and lottery tickets.

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