Slice of Life: Dublin couple says you're never too old to try new things


Remember the saying, "you're never too old to try something new?" A couple in Dublin says they took up a late-in-life hobby that keeps them young.

"We got started on a blind date in 1948 and got married in 1949," says Lloyd Casey, speaking about his wife Grace.

"We went to a movie," he says. "We went to a bar." "And he stayed in my house overnight," replied Grace. "I think I did. I think I did," says Lloyd. "Not in the same room," joked Grace.

Eventually they slept in the same room, because they had seven children. Grace was the homemaker. Lloyd was the breadwinner.

Lloyd prefers to be called "Casey" and says he always held a job, just never had a career. That is, until later in life, when he turned political. He was elected to the Colorado Senate at an age when most people are preparing for retirement.

"I was 66 when I was sworn into office. That was in January of 1992,"he says.

He became famous for sponsoring a bill to allow Colorado farmers to grow hemp.

"I sponsored the bill in 1995 and all hell broke out," says Casey.

He says powerful interests killed the bill. But 13 years later, another senator got it through. And at age 80, former Sen. Casey was there as the governor signed it into law, giving Casey one of the keepsake pens, which he still has.

"It got to the Governor's office and low-and-behold I got there and I have a pen that says, 'Governor,' I can't even read his first name but anyway it's Hickenlooper. You don't forget Hickenlooper. Nice man," says Casey.

Once out of politics, the couple needed something to do. Grace suggested acting.

"I used to be in plays in high school and college and I really enjoyed it but Casey had never acted in his life," she says.

That led them to lead roles in plays like "Harvey" and "Arsenic and Old Lace." Those days have passed, but the acting continues.

"Now we do 'reading plays,' because we're a little old for a lot of memorizing," says Grace.

Their go-to scene, Casey and Gracie performing Abbott and Costello's most famous act, "Who's On First." An internet video helped them prepare. Casey changed his voice so it's high-pitched like Costello's voice was.

They recently performed the scene for their neighbors at the Dublin Retirement Village Senior Star where they live.

Still acting at age 92. A couple of late bloomers who say acting keeps them young. "You be around theater people, they're usually very optimistic on top of other things and most of them are younger than us so that's what keeps us going," says Casey.

They've been going together for seventy years. It all started with that blind date that may, or may not, have ended with a blind date kiss goodnight.

"I doubt it," says Casey. "Oh I think so," says Grace as the room erupts in laughter.

Besides acting, Casey and Gracie are very active at Senior Star. They take part in the book club, exercise classes, game nights, and poker.

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