Slice of Life: The unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter

Liz and Katie Wasler started a mother-daughter YouTube channel to share Katie's journey with CP. (WSYX/WTTE)

When it comes to the bond between mother and daughter, Liz and Katie Wasler are a different story. Their journey started 10 years ago on the day Katie was born.

Liz remembers like it was yesterday." She had a stroke at birth. She came two months early. They said she has cerebral palsy, she may never walk, talk, know who you are."

It was an incredibly scary time for Liz, a single mom who was filled with so much love for her baby girl but also, a lot of worry.

"I have Chrohn's disease and I thought how am I going to do this? I am sick and she's sick and she needs all this help," said Liz.

Liz says together as a team they learned to navigate the challenges of cerebral palsy.

"You know, you make each day a little better than the last. We work to make her do better and do more. You have bad days that discourage you but then you do better the next day."

Katie is the only student in her school with CP but she says that doesn’t hold her back.

“I have to work extremely hard and go through it as best as I can."

Now she’s in 4th grade and thriving. She’s also taken her journey to Youtube, sharing her life through a channel called “Katie’s Wacky World.”

Liz shoots the video and Katie stars. They have hundreds of subscribers from all over the world. It’s allowed Katie to connect with other kids who also live with Cerebral Palsy.

"It’s just really awesome because she feels like now I'm not alone, I have all these people," said Liz.

Some of the content is silly with videos about Katie’s love for “slime”, adventures on the playground and her dog Millie.

Other videos are serious, following Katie on her many trips for treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Yet even in the hard times, this mother and daughter are staying positive and channeling a message of inspiration.

"I want people to not give up and also so people will know that they're not the only one who is having trouble," said Katie.

Liz agrees. "When we look back on what we've gone through we realize there's nothing we can’t overcome."

If you would like to follow Katie’s journey and subscribe to her channel; just search for “Katie’s Wacky World” on Youtube.

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