Building your dream: Franklinton man's second career as an industrial artist

(Lundberg Industrial Arts)

Andrew Lundberg always wanted to work with his hands, building and designing one-of-a-kind items, but that wasn't what he was doing for a living.

Instead, Lundberg was an associate creative director with an advertising company. Certainly not a bad job; in fact, it was too comfortable to quit, he said.

So, he would spend his days in an office and his nights crafting and building.

Then one day, at the age of 37, he decided to make a major career shift.

"Everything ended up on a memory stick," he told ABC6/FOX28. "I didn't really bring in anything to the real world."

Lundberg quit his job (which cut his salary about 80%) and opened Lundberg Industrial Arts in Franklinton.

"I knew I was doing it for reason; although, it was a much lower way to live, it actually wasn't worse, just different."

That second-career started six years ago.

Today, Lundberg is living his dream. He and his team are building one-of-a-kind creations.

"The grandfathers are not teaching the sons how to build anything anymore," he said. "The hope is that maybe this stuff becomes more important because it's not being done as much."

Lately, he's been building high-end furniture.

"[We use] some of those materials that are really of the earth," he said. "Like in artwork, you can see the struggle when you're finished. You can see what the guy went through [to create it.] You can feel it."

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