Made Local: Buckeye Country Creamery


Buckeye Country Creamery produces fresh milk, ice cream and even drinkable yogurt all at the Lahmer family farm in Ashland, Ohio.

What makes their products especially unique is that they DNA test their cows, and the cows that have the A2 gene give off the A2 protein, and that protein is shorter and easier to digest.

This allows them the rare opportunity to produce A2 milk.

Christy Hulse, co-owner of Buckeye Country Creamery explained, “A lot of people that think that they're lactose intolerant can actually drink our milk because it's the protein that they're sensitive to, not the sugar in the milk.”

They offer a variety of milk flavors: whole, two percent, chocolate, cookies and cream and strawberry as well as a “flavor of the month”.

You can find their dairy products right here in Central Ohio at Weiland's Market, Hills Market downtown in Worthington, Peace, Love and Little Donuts, and Red Speckled Hen in Worthington.

Hulse says the animals on the farm make the road trip to Ashland worth it.

“There's certainly nothing wrong with going some place else to get it. The nice part about stopping here, though, is you can see the cows, the goat, the calves, when you drive in, which is kinda cool. We'll have chickens here this spring," she said.

Hulse said animal care is their top priority.

The Buckeye Country Creamery store is open from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. daily.

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