Made Local: Sprout Soup

Sprout Soup offers wraps for mothers with infants. They are long pieces of fabric that wrap around the body and hold the baby close to the chest. (WSYX/WTTE)

Alissa DeRouchie started Sprout Soup more than a decade ago. She and her husband have three boys and they started the business simply to help local families find and use comfortable and functional carriers.

Sprout Soup offers four different types: buckle carrier, wrap, ring sling, and meh dai.

Buckle carriers are the king that look like backpacks that parents can wear either on the front or the back.

Wraps are long pieces of fabric that wrap around the body and hold the baby close to the chest. This kind is popular with parents of newborns.

The ring slings are similar to wraps except they have two rings on them, and the fabric gets threaded through and goes over one shoulder.

The Meh Dai is an Asian-style carrier. It’s similar to a buckle carrier, but instead of having buckles, it ties on.

“The benefit of tying on is that you get more adjustability to fit your body,” said DeRouchie. “And you can change the way it feels on you, versus a buckle, which is pretty fixed.”

In addition to selling the carriers, DeRouchie is a babywearing consultant and helps educate moms on which carrier best fits their needs.

She emphasizes that though babywearing is popular with parents who practice the “attachment parenting” style, it’s valuable and handy for everyone.

“There are places that you can't take a stroller, and so having a carrier at those times is really great," she said. "There's times when you just feel like you need to get something done, and your baby wants to be held, and that carrier can do that for you. It really just make everybody happier.”

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