Gahanna Herbal Trail at 101 Beer Kitchen (recipe)


SALAD Fine Herb

PRODUCE Lettuce Spring Mix 2.000 Weight oz

PREP Dressing Balsamic Brn Sgr 0.750 Vol oz

PREP Sauce Pesto Basil Oil 1.000 tsp

GROCERY Cond Glaze Balsamic 0.500 tsp

PREP Seasoning Salt & Pepper 0.125 tsp

DAIRY Cheese Goat Crumbles 1.000 Tbs

PREP Herb Mix 2.000 tsp

PREP Vegetables Minced 1.000 Weight oz

PREP Croutons Sour Dough 0.500 Weight oz

1. Combine lettuce, herbs, 1 1/2 oz of vegetables, dressing and s&p in mixing bowl. Gently toss with tongs.

2. Pile high and very tigtly in the center of a large round plate. Garnish with remaining .5 oz vegetables and (6) croutons.

3. Drizzle inside rim of plate with balsamic and herb oil. Garnish with goat cheese. Wipe outside rim of any drips or finger prints.

Herb Trail Trilogy

Sobieski Cytron, PAMA, Fresh Lemon Juice & Stawberry-Herb Simple topped w/ Champagne – Served over ice w/ Lemon Peel & Basil

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