Stuffing Christmas stockings with goodies from Easton

    Jennifer Peterson, chief executive of Easton Town Center, gave suggestions on good stocking stuffers from local brands (Courtesy: Good Day Columbus)

    With so much attention focused on what items to put under the tree, it can be easy to overlook what to put in your stockings.

    You're in luck, with lots of local companies making it easy to include those smaller gifts. Jennifer Peterson, chief executive of Easton Town Center, brought goodies to the station from several local brands you can pick up at the shopping center.

    Urban Home and Garden offers smaller, handmade bird houses that are decorated beautifully, along with great stocking stuffer gifts like lotions, soaps, and O-H-I-O etched glasses.

    Bink Davies is a fun, local store offering a variety of smaller gifts. They say one of their popular sellers are $9 cable bite accessories, which are a cute way to help keep your phone and charger cables from getting tangled. You can also pick up items like real film strips from actual movies that ran in theaters, and a snowman kit so kids can still build a snowman even without the white stuff on the ground.

    A new store at Easton is Red Giraffe, which sells handmade jewelry and can customize pieces. They say some of their hottest sellers are earrings, and pendant necklaces. You can also get a hand-stamped, customized necklace at the store.

    Homage is a classic Central Ohio favorite, but it's not just t-shirts and hoodies they sell. You can also pick up smaller items like socks or a beanie, or of course get a Script Ohio t-shirt to roll up and stuff into a stocking.

    For the homeowners who love to decorate, Elm & Iron has a store in the gateway property and have lots of smaller items to choose from. You can pick up small pieces of art from artists around the country, or perhaps a great Columbus ornament or an Ohio State pouch to celebrate someone's love of their hometown.

    If you just aren't sure and need a variety, you can check out Celebrate Local. The store sells items made be companies and vendors around Ohio. Shoppers can pick up sweet treats and smaller food items made right in the Buckeye state. Or you can pick up items like handmade wax melts, soap, and plenty of home goods.

    While you're headed out to shop at Easton and grab a meal, you can also make sure to download the new My Easton app, which can show you free parking spaces closest to the stores you are planning to visit.

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