Average babysitting rate now nearly $16/hour

Photo: UrbanSitter.com

Did you know that babysitting is such a lucrative career?

ABC 6/FOX 28 anchor/reporter Adam Slinger says people are turning to babysitting as a side job to make extra money because it pays so well.

The average babysitter makes more than $15 per hour for one child. If there are two children in the home, the average rate is $18 per hour.

According to UrbanSitter.com, prices have raised 5 percent in the past year.

Nearly 20 percent of babysitters also say they're getting tips on top of their payout from parents.

When viewing UrbanSitter.com, ABC 6/FOX 28 news staff saw babysitters in New York asking for as much as $22 for one child.

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