Delaware County school district seeks new buildings to combat overcrowding

Big Walnut Local Schools leaders are going to voters to ask for money to help create more space to eliminate overcrowding in the rapidly-growing school district. (WSYX/WTTE)

School leaders hope to convince voters to approve a bond and levy issue to combat overcrowding in a Delaware County school district.

Big Walnut Local School leaders said their high school will be 500 students over capacity by 2020 without new spaces.

The district has a 6.62 mill bond issue and a 1.25 mill levy on the ballot as a package. The superintendent of the district, Angie Pollock, said if the issue passes, the district will build a new high school and a new elementary school. Current middle schoolers will move into the high school. Pollock said the district is facing explosive growth with new housing and new shopping coming into eastern Delaware County.

Voters said no to a similar issue last year. Taxes would be phased in if votes approve this year's issue. The owner of a $100,000 dollar home would pay $54 for 2018's taxes. That would go up each year to nearly $230 for 2021.

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