DeWine attorneys send cease and desist letter to Ohio TV stations for 'false ads'

FILE - Republican governor candidate Mike Dewine (right) and his running mate Jon Husted. (WSYX/WTTE)

Attorneys for the DeWine Husted for Ohio campaign announced they sent a cease and desist letter to Ohio TV stations currently airing "false and deceptive advertisements."

(Click here to view the letter)

The campaign's communications office released this statement.

Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor has built her entire campaign on one lie after another,” said Ryan Stubenrauch, campaign spokesperson. “Lieutenant Governor Taylor has lied about her extensive record supporting Medicaid expansion. She has lied about her support of President Trump, refusing to explain why she vehemently denied endorsing Trump only weeks before he was elected President. She has lied about Mike DeWine in campaign literature and blamed others after her lies were called out in the media. We will not sit by and let Lieutenant Governor Taylor’s latest lies about Mike DeWine and his conservative record air freely on television.

ABC 6/FOX28 will continue to update this story.

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