Ohio House sets vote to elect new speaker, resolve impasse

Ohio House leaders set a vote to elect a new speaker, after renewed calls to move forward (WSYX/WTTE)

A group of Republican representatives said they are feeling the heat from their constituents and demanded the acting speaker of the state House call a vote to select a new speaker. Late Tuesday, the interim speaker announced a vote will be coming on June 6th.

The representatives, led by Craig Riedel (R-Defiance), spoke out Tuesday afternoon on the steps of the Statehouse.

Republican Ryan Smith has a majority of GOP reps backing him, but not all of them, and Republican leaders don't want to have to rely on House Democrats for votes to install Smith. But the group on the steps Tuesday said the impasse is becoming more than a distraction.

"We want to get back to work," Riedel said. "We're waiting on the speaker pro tempore to have the house floor vote. So let the chips fall where the chips fall."

The standoff has been going on for weeks and was necessitated when former speaker Cliff Rosenberger resigned the speakership and his seat amid an FBI investigation. The FBI searched his home last week.

Interim speaker Kirk Schuring said next week's vote will be to either elect a new speaker or change the rules to allow him to remain speaker.

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