American Idol auditions hit Louisville with Central Ohio competitors joining the crowds

American Idol auditions happening in Louisville, Kentucky October 22, 2018. (WSYX/WTTE)

American Idol auditions are underway in Kentucky.

Thousands descended upon Louisville Monday as the first day of three days of auditioning took place, including Columbus Idol winner Faith Caplinger.

Good Day Columbus feature reporter headed to the Muhammad Ali Center to check out all of the action, and see Caplinger as she prepared to amaze the judges. The 15-year-old won a chance to audition for American Idol producers after winning the local competition over the summer.

"It could've been better. A lot of nerves happening," Caplinger said after her audition. "I didn't make it through."

When asked if she planned to try out again next year, Caplinger excitedly said "hopefully! Probably." While Caplinger didn't make it, two others from Columbus did. One person who is from the area, and another who was discovered in the city. They will get to audition before the judges and cameras starting Tuesday.

This is for the second season of American Idol on ABC 6. The show will return with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie.


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