Caught In The Act: Grandmother's purse stolen in Whitehall Walmart parking lot

    A woman had her purse stolen while loading groceries into her car in the Whitehall Walmart parking lot (Courtesy: Columbus Police)<p>{/p}

    Whitehall Police are now searching for two crooks who ran off with a grandmother's purse while she was putting groceries into her SUV while it was parked outside a Walmart.

    "Your purse is very vulnerable, no matter how strong or fast you think you are," said Alice Graveley, who had her bag stolen December 13, 2018.

    The 74-year-old had just finished grocery shopping at the Walmart on East Main Street in Whitehall and was loading the bags into the vehicle. She says that's when the two guys pushed her away from the SUV, causing her to lose her balance, and reached over her to grab the purse.

    Store security cameras captured two people running from the direction of Graveley's SUV and then jump into a silver or light blue, late model Toyota Camry, which quickly left the parking lot. The purse was filled with Graveley's checkbook, credit cards, medical information, identification cards, and her phone.

    Whitehall Police say that suspicious vehicle circled the parking lot for about 20 minutes before Gravely was target. Officers say the suspects appear to be juveniles. One was wearing white or light-colored pants and a grey hoodie with the hood over his head at the time, the other was wearing a black hoodie and grey pants. Both were young black males, with skinny builds, and are around 5'8" according to Gravely.

    Gravely is now taking action to prevent thieves from targeting her again, saying she's using a smaller purse and not carrying much cash or credit cards.

    "It's just one more step," said Gravely. "I don't think about it honestly, just one more step to protect myself."

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