Big send-off for 3-year-old Albion girl injured in crash

3-year-old Ariana Star Grosskopf leaves Unity Hospital.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) -- A little girl from Albion seriously injured in a car crash this summer is now home. 3-year-old Ariana Star Grosskopf got a big send off from the staff at Unity Hospital Wednesday.

After months of rehab at the Golisano Restorative Neurology & Rehabilitation Center, she's well enough to go home.

"She's made amazing progress, maybe even a little further than we would have expected,” said Nurse Practitioner Rebecca Ong.

Ariana was hospitalized after an August car crash. Her mom remembers the phone call.

"I got the call saying it was really, really bad. I didn't know how bad it was,” said Renee Miens, Ariana’s Mom.

Ariana had injuries to her head and face, including bone fractures and bleeding in her brain.

Months later, she is walking, talking and making more progress every day.

"It was actually awesome. I didn't think kids were that resilient, that they could bounce back so fast,” said Miens.

"To be able to see her play and talk and have spontaneous speech and say good morning to everybody, it's the best thing ever,” said Vanessa Ellsworth, a physical therapist.

Doctors will continue to monitor Ariana’s progress at home.

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