5-year-old who lost foot in lawnmower accident graduates from kindergarten

Girl who lost foot in lawnmower accident attends kindergarten graduation. // WSBT 22

“She's doing everything way better than we ever expected,” said Cody McAllister, the father of five year old Italia.

She is a little girl who is defying the odds, yet again.

Italia McAllister lost her foot in a horrific lawnmower accident last month.

Italia darted outside to play when a relative who was mowing the lawn, reversed the mower and caught her foot.

Now, after multiple surgeries at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, Italia is back at her school, Pinewood Elementary.

Kindergarten graduation is in full swing at Pinewood Elementary, complete with construction paper caps and parents whose phones are out.

It's a time for proud parents to celebrate their kids, but Italia is one kid that everyone can celebrate.

“Some days it's rough and some days it's good. She has her emotional days, we have our emotional days,” said Cody.

Though it's clear Wednesday was a good day.

Italia, only back from the hospital just a couple weeks, made it to the ceremony, another feather in her already impressive cap.

“Every day she's taking on new things like having to go to the bathroom different with the rail or having to get dressed. She's been doing it by herself," said her mom Robin McAllister. "It's just like your eyes are just coming out of your head because you just don't realize she can do it herself but she can."

Before the accident, her parents never thought kindergarten graduation would be more than a photo opp.

“We walk with her every day and we do exercises every day,” said Cody.

That practice is coming in handy, as she proudly walked across the auditorium with the help of her dad and a walker to accept her diploma.

“It's hard to deal with but you get excited at the same time to see her actually walking by herself,” said Robyn.

While she's lost more than most can imagine at just 5-years-old, she hasn't lost one ounce of spirit.

“She still has her voice she still has her attitude to make this easier,” said Robyn.

Italia goes back to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis for a checkup at the end of this month.

If everything goes well, she'll be fitted for a prosthetic foot.

Her parents say they hope she'll be walking on it by the time first grade starts in the fall.

In the meantime, they'll be spreading the message of lawnmower safety everywhere they can.

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