Thousands of children in foster care, as CPS celebrates national adoption awareness month


Child Protective Services gathered in Orange County on Wednesday to celebrate National Adoption Awareness month.

Five children left the foster care system and were adopted by their forever families.

Thousands of children remain in foster care each day, CPS spokesperson Shari Pulliam says there are, on average, 16,000 children in the system everyday.

Last year, more than 5,000 adoptions in the state of Texas.

Also, nearly 4,000 children ready for adoption that didn't find their forever family.

Texas Adoption by the Numbers
5,395 - The number of children adopted from DFPS in fiscal year 2017.
6,685 - The number of children in DFPS care who were awaiting adoption as of September 2017 (latest data). Some of these children are already matched with an adoptive family and some are not.
3,939 - The number of children awaiting adoption who were not living with a family that intends to adopt them as of September 2017.
21 - The minimum age you must be to adopt a child in Texas

If you would like more information about adoption or the foster care system, CLICK HERE.

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