UPS employee helps make a Forest City boy's dream come true

Five-year-old James won a small UPS truck. (Photo credit: ABC)

A Forest City boy's wish to become a UPS driver has come true.

UPS driver Kellie Martin started delivering to the boy's home in Forest City about a year ago and quickly made friends with 5-year-old James.

When she found out James wanted to be just like her, she entered him in a contest to win him his own tiny UPS truck.

"When he saw my truck, he just started jumping up and down and said, 'You've got my UPS truck, you've got my UPS truck.' Of course, he jumped into my truck and wanted to unload it immediately," Martin said of the special delivery.

The small truck has lights and a cargo compartment.

James' mother says since he hasn't stopped driving the truck since he won it.

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