Watch this police officer in China carry an old man across the street through traffic

(Courtesy: CCTV/CNN Newsource)

Cameras in China captured a heartwarming moment in southwest China earlier this week showing an old man struggling to cross the street before a police officer offered to carry the man on his back so he could cross the road.

Qin Weijie, a police officer in the city of Mianyang, saw the man using two walking sticks while a dozen vehicles waited in rush hour traffic. Other pedestrians hurriedly crossed the six-lane road as the man tried to cross. Unfortunately, the pedestrian crossing lights turned red before the man could make it across. Qin saw the man, offered to help him, and carried him to safety.

"The road was quite busy, with a lot of cars. I was afraid that he (the elderly man) might feel unwell if I walked too fast. So we rested a bit in the middle and continued," said officer Qin, according to The Daily Mail.

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