99-year-old cashier earns paychecks and praise at Columbus hardware store

    Millie Feasel, 99, has been working at Zettler Hardware along Harrisburg Pike for roughly 60 years, owner John Zettler said. (WSYX/WTTE)

    Tools guaranteeing long-lived happiness might not be sold in stores.

    But 99-year-old cashier Millie Feasel at Zettler Hardware in southwest Columbus has customers and coworkers sold on the idea it's possible.

    "I told her she's my hero," coworker Melanie Mitchell said.

    "I love her," customer Brenda Beaty said." I come in here a lot. She's always happy."

    Feasel said she continues to work because she "just likes to get out."

    "Everybody is so friendly," Feasel said. "We can help a lot people. They're either looking for something or fixing something."

    The long-time widow has been helping hardware store customers for roughly 60 years, owner John Zettler said.

    "She started with (helping) my mother sometime in the 1950s," Zettler said. "She came in the store one day, and they were short of help."

    Feasel works 20 hours a week Monday through Friday.

    She still drives the mile distance from her home to the store parking lot located on Harrisburg Pike.

    "I don't like to drive when the snow's on the ground," said.

    Manager Dennis McKibben said Feasel only calls off work when the schools call off classes due to the weather.

    "She's part of a family at this point. I've known her since I was eight years old," McKibben said. "The most I've seen her sit in the last two years is during her (TV) interview. She's just one of a kind."

    Customers sad they love her and signed a card for her January 15th birthday.

    "I'll be 89 in a couple months," George Hurt, Sr., said. "As long as I can look at her, I've got hope that I can make it."

    68-year-old Wendell Johnson said he used to ride his bike as a kid to a previous Zettler Hardware location, where he'd buy parts from Feasel.

    "She's a witty as she ever was," Wendell said. "She's a great gal."

    Feasel's children, 73-year-old Susie Allen and 71-year-old Jack Feasel, said they've retired from their full-time jobs and laughed that they've been outworked by their mother.

    "She cleans her own house. Does everything herself," Allen said. "Shovels the snow and rakes the leaves."

    Millie said she has no secrets to for a long life, adding that she's "not a picky eater."

    "Try not worry too much," Feasel said.

    Customer Alyssa Bell said Feasel encourages younger generations to work hard as well.

    "You see a lot of high school kids and younger kids in here. She teaches them to stick with it and not slack off," Bell said.

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