Car damage from a pothole? How to file a claim with Ohio and Columbus


    Potholes can lead to car damage and potentially hundred of dollars in repair bills.

    The Ohio Department of Transportation and the city of Columbus have a process to file a claim.

    Remember, ODOT maintains interstates, U.S. Routes and State Routes that are outside municipalities, including Columbus.

    To a report a pothole or damage to ODOT click here.
    For the city of Columbus, click here.

    On Your Side: Getting results on pothole complaints

    COLUMBUS, OH Shaniqua Peck had an awful 24 hours: she struck a pothole on Refugee Road and popped her right-front tire. After getting that repaired, she hit the same pothole again the next day and blew out two more tires.I had to miss work, and I had to

    Drivers in Columbus can report a pothole by calling (614) 645-3111. The city sends crews to repair most of them, sometimes on the same day.

    Keep detailed records and the report the damage quickly.

    The state's rules for reimbursing pothole damage require drivers to prove their car was busted by a pothole, then prove the pothole existed at the time they hit it, and finally prove that ODOT did not repair the pothole within a reasonable time frame.

    Pothole damage? It"s a long road to get money for repairs

    COLUMBUS, Ohio Sharlene Chance doesn"t usually take the highways to work on her morning commute, but on March 29th last year she decided she"d try I-70 westbound to get to work a little faster.It proved to be an expensive decision.I was pulling onto the r

    There's no guarantee your claim will be approved.

    Last year, ABC 6/FOX 28 found since 2013, ODOT paid out $3.4 million in pothole claims, but avoided paying some $15.9 million in additional claims — much of it due to 641 damage claims being denied or dismissed by the Court of Claims.

    Records obtained from the the city of Columbus last year showed only 51 claims were filed in the previous two years.

    Furthermore, the City of Columbus has not been deemed liable in any of those cases, and has paid $0.00 in claims payments.

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