Central Ohio businesses prepare for winter weather test

Businesses in Central Ohio are getting prepared for winter weather expected this weekend. (WSYX/WTTE)

Ever since news broke that snow was likely on the way, Steffan Buss said he has barely had a free moment.

Buss recently started his heating and cooling business.

"For me it has been in limbo, I mean word of mouth for me is what makes my business, and when the weather is in between hot and cold, it's not as many issues going on," he said about his business Buss Heating and Cooling.

But, now that temperatures are getting colder and snow could pack roadways, things have changed.

"Everybody wants to make sure their furnace is working," he said, "my phone has been ringing off the hook all day today."

One of his customers said she woke up to a chilly emergency, when her furnace went out.

"It was like 47 degrees in the house," said Miranda Wright, "I don't know anything about it, so I called him."

She's glad things are heading in a warmer direction, just in time.

"I have two little kids," said Wright, "so it is going to get really cold. We've gotten lucky with it being so warm, so that is what it was, a definite emergency."

More Central Ohio businesses are dealing with or preparing for the impact of potential snow.

The team at Complete Auto Repair and Service in Grove City said they are always pretty busy year-round.

"It stays this way for us," said owner Richard Jackson, "(with) a lot more of the starting issues and that kind of thing during the winter time."

Jackson expects increasing calls about starting issues and more after the weather hits.

"You get the ones that hate to spend money on cars and then they finally show up on a tow truck," he said.

He advises everyone to get their car checked out before winter weather hits.

"Slow down, stay off your cell phones, pay attention to what you are doing, and pay attention to your car," said Jackson.

Buss recommends furnace maintenance as well.


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