Columbus Police stop wrong-way driver with high-speed maneuver

New video from Columbus Police revealed a frightening scene on Interstate 670. (Courtesy: Columbus Division of Police)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- New video from Columbus Police revealed a frightening scene on Interstate 670.

A car was zooming down the highway, going the wrong direction, but thanks to quick action from some Columbus Police crews, the driver was stopped before hitting into anyone.

Getting on the I-670 near Leonard Avenue, the police cruiser caught up to the speeding car, which would not stop. The cruiser tapped the car on the driver's side and then the passenger side, sending the wrong way car to the side of the road. It is what Columbus Police call a pit maneuver.

"Our front fender to their rear fender and we just turn the wheel slightly and it'll push our cruiser into their car and it'll spin the car around," said Sgt. Dean Worthington with Columbus Police.

The officers were able to then arrest the driver.

"Saw he was intoxicated and that's probably 90 some odd percent of the times we find these wrong-way drivers," said Sgt. Worthington.

Police said this one move is so important when the potential consequences are considered.

"Had we not pitted this guy who knows, he could have taken out, we don't know how many cars or how many people," he said.

As shocking as the video is, police said it can be all-too-common on Columbus roads.

"It is fairly frequent that we get one-way drivers," said Sgt. Worthington.

The incident is one of the dangerous realities of their job.

"It's what we signed up to do and that's what they did the other night," he said.

The driver was arrested and charged with OVI and other traffic offenses.

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