Court Bailiff Claims Judge Sexually Harassed Her

    DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS (Rob Wells) -- Two high-profile resignations have prompted an internal investigation at the Franklin County Courthouse. ABC6/FOX 28 has obtained a copy of the resignation letter submitted by Elise Wyant who worked as an assistant, and baliff, for the Franklin County Court System. In her letter, Wyant alleges sexual harassment by Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Timothy{} Horton. Wyant also says she allegedly felt her job was in jeopardy from the Judge if she took days off from her job that had previously been approved. Wyant says she reported the allegations to Court Administrator Atiba Jones, but says Jones did nothing because of a friendship with Judge Horton. ABC6/FOX 28 has also obtained a copy of a Jones' resignation letter which was submitted two days after Wyant quit the department. Judge Patrick Sheeran says he was made aware of a personnel matter on October 20th, and that an internal investigation is underway. He confirmed Jones, after a decade with the Court System, asked to be released from his job immediately. Calls to Wyant and her legal team were not returned, and we're told by his staff that Horton, who's running unoppsed for another term in the November general election, is on vacation.

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