Deadly shooting of granddaughter was a 'terrible accident,' family says

    72 year old Booker Moody charged with killing his granddaughter

    Tragedy struck hard for a southeast Columbus family. First they lost a 19-year-old granddaughter, Jordan Williams and now her grandfather, 72-year-old Booker Moody, is in jail accused of pulling the trigger. His family said it was a terrible accident.

    "I don't know how I feel. Like I said it was an accident,” said Moody’s daughter Traci Brown as she fought back tears. "My dad is 72-years-old, he got dementia so he don't remember. If he don't remember, he don't remember. I know personally if he knew it was her he wouldn't have killed her."

    She's talking about her 19 year old niece, Jordan Williams. Columbus Police said she was banging on her grandfather's window to get back inside Wednesday around 11pm.

    "He's old, don't nobody knock on his windows. They knock on the door. If he don't open it, he don't open it,” said Brown.

    Williams' one-year old daughter was still inside the home. Brown said it was late and her father thought someone was trying to break in, so he grabbed his shotgun.

    “He's not a bad man. He has seven kids, and he got I don't know how many grandkids, and he has great grandkids, and he takes care of all of us,” Brown stated.

    Williams died at the hospital shortly after the shooting. The swat team broke the front door and took the 72-year-old into custody. He's charged with murder. Neighbors couldn’t believe what happened.

    "I don't think he intentionally wanted to kill his niece or nothing. It's dangerous out here. People do break into houses all the time. it's just a sad situation. I'm going to keep the family in prayer and keep him in prayer,” said a neighbor Robert Harris.

    As the family finds a way to cope, they hope prosecutors will drop the murder charge and free Moody.

    "It was an accident and my dad should not be charged with this,” said Brown.

    Police said the grandfather is undergoing a mental evaluation. He's expected to face a judge Friday morning.

    ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to follow this developing story.

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