Delaware County jailer accused of sex crimes with teen

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    A man familiar with the inside of a jail is now on the wrong side of the bars after being indicted on 12 counts of abusing a teen girl he was training to become a law enforcement officer. Eric Jaynes, 32, of Sunbury, was indicted Friday by the Delaware County Grand Jury. He is employed as a corrections officer at the Delaware County jail.

    Jaynes was a volunteer instructor at the Delaware Area Career Center, assisting with physical fitness for students in the law enforcement training program. Prosecutors said he had sexually abused a teen female student and had sexual pictures of the girl as well.

    Allegations came to light in May after school officials called law enforcement, but it's not clear how those officials became aware of the issue.

    "The sheriff's office immediately placed that officer on administrative leave," said Sheriff Russell Martin in a taped statement released to the media.

    A review of Jaynes' personnel file shows at least seven disciplinary actions against him in the five years he worked at the jail. He was suspended a total of five days. Some of the incidents were security related, including an episode in which he propped open doors while conducting rounds. Others were ethics related such as an instance in which he did not notifiy superiors he was in a romatic relationship with a member of the nursing staff.

    Jaynes was arrested at his home this morning without incident. With the indictment today, the sheriff's office put him on unpaid leave. He had been on leave with pay. He's being held in the Knox county jail and is expected in court Monday.

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