Excitement building as Buckeyes get ready to take on “that team up north”

On Friday, the final preparations were underway for ESPN’s College GameDay show outside the Ohio Stadium. (WSYX/WTTE)

The clock is ticking and the excitement is building, as the Buckeyes get set to take on "that team up North!" There's also a lot of local and national attention on Saturday’s big game.

On Friday, the final preparations were underway for ESPN’s College GameDay show outside the Ohio Stadium.

"They bring in like five semi-trucks with all the equipment that we need every week. It takes two days and full teams of 50 plus people to put it all together,” said Hudson Kuiper’s with College GameDay.

As things quickly boil down to "thee" biggest game of the season, fans can’t wait to cheer for the Buckeyes.

"It's thee game and it's one for the ages,” said Buckeye fan Bob Kelly.

It's a moment, Kelly has been waiting for a very long time.

"I’m really excited. I mean it's the first game I've come since I graduate back in '69 so it's been a long time,” said Kelly. “Been here many times but not for a game, or THE game so really looking forward to it."

Lights, cameras, and a lot of media attention as Ohio State takes on Michigan. The Football Fever team, also ready for the match up. Fans can look forward to a special two-hour pregame show on FOX 28.

The TFF crew of expert analysts and former OSU players will break down what the Buckeyes need to do to get that big win. While fans, can't wait to watch the action on the field.

"I'm super excited, this is my first Michigan game,” said OSU Junior Tyler Packer. “Go bucks!”

The Packer family checked out all the excitement before the big game. All smiles aside, the Buckeyes know it's going to be a tough game.

"They need to play defense,” said Buckeye fan Henry Douglas.

"We'll take care of them, we'll show them what the Buckeyes can do,” said another Buckeye fan Gwen Douglas.

"Beef up the defense. We really looked a little rough on the defense, especially in the last game, we gave up 51 points! 51 points,” said Kelly.

Despite the stormy forecast, Buckeye fans know the team will bring the heat.

"No matter what the weather is, we show up whatever it is: rain, sleet, or snow, we're here to play,” said Packer.


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