Family grieves double murder victims as they pray for baby delivered after mom was shot

Keith Williams, 23, and Marlazia Jones, 21, were shot and killed in their west Columbus home. The couple was expecting their first child in a few weeks (Courtesy: Family members)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- As two families grieve the murders of a young couple in the Hilltop neighborhood, their focus turns to her unborn baby that went through an emergency delivery after the shooting.

Police say the gunman was inside the South Hague Avenue home of Marlazia Jones, 21, and her boyfriend Keith Williams, 23, when both were shot and killed in the early morning hours of Tuesday. A third person was critically wounded. A witness called 911 saying he saw a silver SUV leave the murder scene.

Jones was 35 weeks pregnant at the time of the shooting, with a due date in February. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital where an emergency c-section was done. She was pronounced dead from her injuries.

Family members say they were told Jones was shot multiple times in the stomach, and the baby boy suffered a significant time with no oxygen.

“They said the baby suffered for not having oxygen so they gave him blood,” Gwen Galloway, Williams' grandmother , told ABC 6/FOX 28. “They were giving him a blood transfusion.”

The baby was transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where police say he remains in critical condition. Doctors there told the family they won’t know if the baby suffered any brain damage for at least 72 hours.

Williams' mother and grandmother of the infant Jennifer Dersoon said, “He has a long road ahead of him. But he is a fighter, and we are very hopeful that Children's will do everything possible to get Markeith through this. He is my miracle grandbaby.”

The family says they've named the little boy Markeith Kamar Jones-Mattox Williams, named after his parents.

Police said a third victim was also shot in the couple’s house but survived. Police are not releasing that victim’s name.

So far, there have been no arrests.

A vigil was planned for Thursday evening at 7 p.m. in front of their former home, 670 South Hague Avenue.

Two GoFundMe pages were also started to help with funeral costs:

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