Family of baby killed in crash looking for answers from investigators

Seven-month-old Micah Farabee was struck and killed while his father walked him in his stroller on Westerville Road on June 2. (WSYX/WTTE)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- It has been six weeks since a baby in a stroller was struck and killed on the northeast side. Family members of 7-month old Micah Ferebee said they are worried the driver who hit the child has skipped town.

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies said they are investigating the crash that happened June 2 on Westerville Road. Detectives said they are waiting for lab results before they present information to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien, who will likely take the case to a grand jury. Muhuba Mohamed has not been charged in connection with the crash.

People who live at Mohamed's apartment said they didn't know where she was. But a friend named Fatima said the Somali woman has not left the area.

"She is still here, she did not leave country, she doesn't have passport any documents there is no way she can leave the country," Fatima said.

Fatima said Muhuba is working as a home health aide but is not driving a car.

"They took her license and they never gave it back to her so she doesn't drive," Fatima said.

Friends said Muhuba is sad and sometimes has nightmares about the accident, and that her life is difficult.

Muhuba said in June that she wishes she could change what happened, trade her life for that of the little boy.

The baby's father, Kenan Ferebee, has not returned our phone calls.

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