Former teacher accused of stealing thousands from fundraisers

Kristina Gossett is accused of stealing nearly $7500 raised for a high school student who was badly injured in a car crash. (WSYX/WTTE)

Detectives have charged a former Licking Valley Elementary School teacher with stealing thousands of dollars raised in school fundraisers. Much of that money was raised to help a former student who was badly hurt in a car crash.

Kristina Gossett was charged with two felony counts of theft. Documents from her personnel file from Licking Valley Schools said she may have stolen nearly $7500 raised at the school. Records said she may have stolen from a fundraiser held at the school to help a former student Anthony Moran.

"We forgive her," said Sue Moran, Anthony's mother. "Things happen in people's lives. I just hope she can heal from this. We felt very blessed to have any help at all."

No one answered the door at Gossett's home Monday. Gossett was supposed to deposit money from the school fundraiser but school officials started questioning her after the money didn't appear in the account for months. School records said Gossett confessed to using the money to pay her bills.

"I just feel sorry for her," Moran said. "I wish it never happened."

Gossett resigned from her job as a teacher at Licking Valley Elementary School after nearly 17 years teaching with the district. She resigned after the superintendent recommended the school board fire her.

Moran said Gossett confessed to her but she said she was ready to move on.

"She was crying," she said. "She was very distraught and I kept telling her it's going to be okay. Things happen in people's lives. Look at Anthony. Who would have ever thought this would happen to him?"

Anthony Moran has brain damage after his car crash in June 2016. His family said they eventually received roughly $10,000 to make their home handicap accessible for him.

Gossett is scheduled to be back in court August 15th.

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