Frigid winter blast brings problems across Central Ohio

(Courtesy: Thomas Robb Landon)

With arctic cold fronts continuing to move across the Midwest, Central Ohio will continue to deal with frigid temperatures and even some lows below zero at night.

The temperatures will stay well below freezing for several days before the area gets a slight warm up for a few days. But then it's back to arctic cold. The last time there was three days below zero degrees in a row was the end of January, 2014.

With schools back after the winter break, districts are keeping a close eye on the morning temperatures and wind chills, with dozens already having to delay the start time or close altogether. You can sign up for text alerts for your school district here.

The cold has been causing serious problems with burst pipes, with plumbers fielding hundreds of calls from homeowners. But it's not just homes, firefighters had to shut off the water at the old Fort Rapids building after a pipe burst, and water froze on the outside of the building.

If you need to go outside, officials are urging people to bundle up and make sure they stay safe. Carry warm supplies in your vehicle, and it's almost recommended you have your battery tested. Hundreds of drivers have found themselves stranded in the cold.

But as cold as it is in Central Ohio, it's the east coast that's about to get slammed. They're facing a serious winter storm being referred to as a "bomb cyclone", from Florida up through Maine. Meteorologists are warning about "significant wintry precipitation" with up to a quarter inch of ice and a few inches of snow possible.

The National Weather Service has issued an alert about the cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills, with high temperatures 10-20 degrees below normal along the east coast.

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