Galion "laced" candy: No drugs in candy, but father of sickened child arrested for meth

A 5-year-old Galion boy got sick shortly after trick-or-treating and tested positive for meth. Police have now arrested his father (WSYX/WTTE)

GALION, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - The father of a Galion child, who tested positive for meth after eating trick-or-treat candy has been arrested after police found methamphetamines in his home and in his system. Cambray Carwell, 24, was arrested for possession of drugs - methamphetamine - and tampering with evidence.

Police executed a search warrant on Carwell's home Thursday night and say they found suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia. They said Carwell tried to destroy some marijuana while they were there. He's being held at the Crawford County jail.

Saterfield said the father had a preliminary positive test for the presence of methamphetamine.

Carwel's 5-year-old son got sick while eating Halloween candy on Sunday night, leading to his hospitalization. A urine test was positive for meth.

Police said Friday they don't know how the child ingested the drugs. However they said none of the child's candy was tainted with drugs and they had no other reports of anyone being sickened by candy.

How the boy came into contact with methamphetamine remained unknown after it was originally thought it entered his body through toy teeth. Police said testing showed there were no signs of a controlled substance found on the teeth. The child's parents have shared custody and the little boy was with his father at his father's house when he was sickened.

“Our detectives have worked extremely hard on this investigation. While we cannot definitively say how the little boy ingested methamphetamine, we are extremely confident that he did not ingest any candy from Trick or Treat that was tainted. The boy is home, has been attending school and has not shown any lingering effects from the drug," said Saterfield.

The investigation will be presented to the Crawford County Prosecutor for review and filing of formal charges. He's being held at the Crawford County jail.

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