Groveport Madison Schools holds safety meeting following viral video of fight

Groveport Madison Schools held a safety meeting with parents to knock down rumors of a fight that went viral. (WSYX/WTTE)

Groveport Madison Schools held a safety meeting with parents to knock down rumors of a fight that went viral.

The fight with students was recorded on a student’s cell phone October 29th inside Groveport Madison High School. The video went viral along with rumors of a gun inside the school.

A safety meeting Thursday night aimed to set the record straight on the rumors.

Superintendent Garilee Ogden provided a timeline of the moments leading up to, during, and after the fight. Ogden used images from school surveillance cameras to show parents what was rumored to be a gun was really sunglasses.

“My biggest goal and priority is one that this community understands that their children’s safety is absolutely important and valued by us,” explained Ogden.

According to Groveport Police, the October 29th fight was a carryover from a weekend fight at a Halloween party in Columbus,

There were no injuries in the brawl, but two students were arrested and charged.

That day a total of 11 students were disciplined. The district won't say how they were punished, but 3 of the students were punished for social media use, including a student who recorded the fight on her cell phone.

Ogden explained the action was classified as “inducing panic.”

“We had several students being taken out of classes. It really induced panic. We had parents lining up probably 200 parents throughout the day coming to check out their children."

Groveport Madison’s superintendent said she thinks school staff did a great job getting the situation under control, but apologized to parents for many of them not being contacted. Ogden explained a programming error in the district’s phone system was to blame and said it was fixed that day.

The superintendent also explained to parents what security measures are in place to keep student’s safe such as six security officers, a school resource officer and 79 surveillance cameras.

Parent Ron Colegrove expressed some concern about too much school security, "that bothers me that I can't send my kids to school and feel they're a hundred percent safe unless they're in a prison type of atmosphere."

Groveport Madison High School’s principal urged parents to talk to their kids to prevent another fight on the scale of what was seen October 29th.

Superintendent Ogden told parents the district is looking into adding another school resource officer.


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