Hilliard police roll out new technology on cruisers

The Hilliard Division of Police are rolling out new technology to keep officers and drivers safe on the road. (WSYX/WTTE)

The Hilliard Division of Police is rolling out new technology to keep officers and drivers safe on the road.

A new control system was installed on five new cruisers where police can choose three different kinds of sirens, among other things.

The control system will allow officers to operate differently than they have in the past.

There are LED lights on the news cruisers and much more lights on them compared to the old ones.

"If somebody were to approach an officer who has stopped, it allows them to see us from a great distance, but not completely wash out the area especially at night," said Lt. Doug Lightfoot with Hilliard Police.

There are fourteen lights on the cruiser. Police said the lights will help with a police chase and several other situations.

"If you both happen to be running lights and sirens and if I know for sure the person in front of me is stopping because I see a great big red light in front of me as opposed to a flashing light, then it helps me to react quicker," said Lt. Lightfoot

The cruisers are packed with new devices inside as well, like a shield officers can use during an active shooting situation and other incidents.

"We can quickly reach into it and it has adjustable straps on the back that allows the officer to slide an arm through and hold it," said Lt. Lightfoot

As old cruisers move out, police said new ones with the new control system will move right in.

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