Hilliard teacher placed on leave over strange quiz questions

    <p>A bizarre “moral” quiz has landed a Hilliard High School teacher in hot water. (WSYX/WTTE) {/p}

    A bizarre “moral” quiz has landed a Hilliard High School teacher in hot water.

    Hilliard City Schools is not naming the teacher, but ABC 6 was told that she teaches English at Bradley High School. She’s been placed on administrative leave after making her students rate disturbing questions that include incest.

    Students in that English class told us they thought some questions/statements were “weird” and “disturbing” so they told their parents. Now those parents are outraged. The questionnaire comes from a website called “IDR Labs” which offers a variety of tests. Some Bradley High students took what is called the “Moral Foundations Test.” It’s free and ranks your morals and political leaning. There are 36 questions/scenarios that ask you to rank the morality of the statement.

    The majority of the questions aren’t bad like this one,:

    A man sets up an unlicensed medical practice but makes all of his customers sign a contract acknowledging that he is not a licensed physician.

    But other questions were disturbing for some parents, like this one, “Using both a condom and the pill, a brother and a sister decide that they want to sleep with each other - just once, to see what it would be like.” Then the students had to give a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” or a “neutral” thumb icon.

    A bizarre “moral” quiz has landed a Hilliard High School teacher in hot water. (WSYX/WTTE)

    “Oh my God! Oh my gosh! Ok. No! I absolutely do not want my college son, to take this, that’s no,” said Ellen Mrocheck whose son attended Bradley a few years ago.

    Other parents were disgusted by the moral test.

    "That’s just sick! Sick,” said another parent, Chris Chaffin, after we read a different scenario that stated “A man orders a custom-built sex doll designed to look just like his niece.”

    This outrage went straight to district leaders.

    “I would be concerned about that,” said Mrochek. “What was the motivation behind something like that? I would like to understand that.”

    The Hilliard City School District issued this statement:

    Last night we were made aware of a classroom activity that should never have taken place. We absolutely share the outrage of our parents and community. In consultation with our legal counsel we have put this teacher on administrative leave while we complete our internal investigation. It is important to understand this was an isolated incident and an activity of this nature would never be considered acceptable. On behalf of the District we would like to apologize to the students and families involved in this situation.

    Parents just hope the district gets to the bottom of this.

    “It’s a good school, I think they have a great principal,” said Mrochek.

    We did find out the English teacher has been working at Bradley High School since 2007 and has been a teacher in this area for many years.

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