Investigators looking into cause of truck explosion while crew was trying to thaw it out

Two workers were injured and a maintenance building leveled when a truck exploded Wednesday morning (WSYX/WTTE)

A maintenance building was leveled and two people sent to the hospital after a truck exploded at a business near Lancaster.

Fire Captain Craig Murdock with Berne Township says the driver of a BBU tanker truck was trying to thaw out the valves on the truck. The captain says the truck was running and they believe vapors were being released during the thawing process:

"The diesel engine in the truck that was thawing started running on those fumes. There was no controlling that engine so they took off out the door and one didn't quite make it out of the building when the whole thing exploded, " said Murdock.

Two people were injured. Brian Stebleton of Lancaster was flown to OSU Medical Center with burns. The second victim was transported to Fairfield General Hospital.

The blast happened shortly before 10:00 am and could be heard from miles away.

Even the firefighters heard the blast before they were called out. The fire captain was six miles away and heard the blast.

"It rattled the doors of the fire station, " he said.

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